50 cool welding project ideas

welding project ideas

For experts and beginners alike, welding can be a great way of making money. A lot of people dream about turning their hobby into a thing that pays extra money; therefore, welding may be your way of making that dream to see the light.

There are various difficulties when you want to make money from welding. For beginners, you need to have money for your initial outlay because you need to purchase materials you require to weld. This may be expensive especially when selling wares cheaply.

That is where the other challenge comes in. Do you opt for selling and making inexpensive, small items you can sell easily and quickly, or is it your choice to make large products for a particular market that will be hard to sell but bring in money? Which one is better; high profits or a quick turnover? That is a decision that you can make by yourself.

Whichever road you choose to follow, there are great ideas for things that can be made simply. Some are cheerful and cheap, while others are slightly complex and should be tackled after you have the required skills.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice; whether you use TIG or MIG, there is a project for you. Select projects, snap on the welding helmet and begin welding. Below are cool welding project ideas you need for your practice.

1.    Car Ramps

Car businesses, individual vehicles, and garages enthusiasts are perfect customers to purchase a set of strong car ramps. Occasions will be there when either the back or front end of the vehicle needs slight uplifting; therefore, when you weld a custom-made set of cramps for each client, you will end up tapping into the market of individuals that love working on cars.

Small cars require a minute set of ramps; large off-road vehicles will require large ramps, and the biggest vehicles will need more substantial ramps than the other ones. This is to mean that you will have to price them accordingly. Bigger ramps mean more charges to be incurred by the customer.

Car ramps are slightly expensive to manufacture – not to mention they are quite heavy – however when you customize them to the needs of the customers and sell them to businesses; you will make a great profit out of them.

2.    Tables and stools

Chairs, stools, and tables can be huge spinners of money if you desire to invest effort and time in them. These are not projects that have to be attempted by beginners because they are complex, but the truth is that an experienced welder can make stools and tables easily.

Luckily, this is an area that has an open, wide market, especially as welded chairs and tables can look good both outdoors and indoors. Flex all your creative muscles to come up with different designs and styles or create something that is unique for an individual customer.

This business works great when you use the commission basis method. Finding people to buy the items will be a great task, but when you make the pieces for individuals that want them, who instruct you to make them, you have a guarantee of selling everything. The pieces may take some time to finish and probably will not be cheap for you, but in case you are good at what you are doing, you will start seeing the bucks coming in.

3.    Interior decorations

Everybody would like his home to look pretty in different ways, which makes interior decoration a great idea for many welders starting and wanting to make money on the side.

Things like light fixtures, coat racks, fireplace guards, frames, and other metal accessories will remain highly sought after. Being minute, it will not cost a lot to source materials to make them, but you will see them at a lower price.

If you have skills on the front of interior welding decorations, you will get the opportunity to scale your business up. Creating customized, specialized, bespoke pieces according to the requirements of the customers will boost your skill level and reputation.

4.    Falling targets

Anyone that enjoys shooting in the sports sense knows that moving or falling targets can present a challenge that is greater than other regular targets. Just as the name suggests, the targets flip down when they get hit; the moving targets keep moving, making it difficult to hit them.

These things are always very expensive to buy from the shelf. If it is possible to weld your versions and sell them cheaply, they will give you a chance to undercut big suppliers and become more appealing to customers. This is a great way of making money because when you sell falling targets for a reasonable price, you will work hard towards keeping up with the demand.

Moving and falling targets are quite small; therefore, you need to be quick in making them with minimal outlay costs. Nonetheless, you will have to hone your skills to get everything ever right because they are not easy things to put together in the world.

5.    Horseshoe items

There exists a huge market for items to sell to lovers of horses. Items that are horse related can be sold easily to both country enthusiasts and animal lovers; therefore, it will be possible to price them higher than non-themed items. You will find people who are willing to pay for the items especially when you have good skills.

One way of reducing the costs of starting up is to utilize items that are horse-related which exist and then transform them into new ones. The perfect item for this is the horseshoes because they are easy to hold and the connotations bring good luck to make them common with buyers.

What will you do with horseshoes that are old? Link them together to horseshoe-shaped wine racks and then sell them as a gift for lovers of horses. This will not only tap into the market of equestrian but also appeal to connoisseurs of wine.

6.    BBQs

If you are on the lookout for something you can sell at a price that is higher, then the BBQ is the recommended item as a project for welding. They may be difficult to shift, but they can fetch higher prices so that you make a tidy profit, however, an irregular, slow one.

In the sales and production of BBQs, you may come against a hurdle of being bought quite cheap from many groceries, outdoors, and department stores. Why would customers buy an expensive BBQ when they can buy it cheaper elsewhere.

In this situation, you will have to push the idea that the BBQs you are making are of high quality, are handmade, and all items are locally manufactured. All of those found on the shelves must be cheaper brands that come from foreign countries like China. Make sure your clients know that they are getting high-quality items for their money. Do everything possible to make sure that the BBQs stay for long in the place of being disposable, cheap types that individuals throw away after use.

7.    Yard art

The yard art is a profitable way of making money for your welding project; therefore, it is a good starting point for anyone or beginners that want to have more fun in the place of choosing anything very serious. If you are not sure of the meaning of the yard art, the explanation is found below.

Welded yard art takes small pieces of metal because they can be leftovers and scraps and puts them into small decorative objects that come in a sort of animal. The animals get placed inside the garden for some bits of decoration and fun.

More often, yard art is not accurate anatomically; the designs are stylized or caricatures versions of animals in question. For this reason, you will have fun with this project by coming up with creative designs. Conversely, in case you are not keen on ideas of something with minimal purpose, weathervanes are a great option.

The costs will be low because you will find scrap, small pieces of metal to utilize, but you will sell yard art quickly because it is popular. The turnaround for this idea will be high but fun; therefore, get creative and see the things you can come up with.

8.    Small metal brackets

Small metallic brackets fall into this category for purposes of being simple, cheap, and easy to sell, with a low profit and fast turnaround. This idea is great for new beginners when it comes to welding or anybody that would like to make quick bucks.

These things consist of little pieces of metal joined together. Visiting any hardware store will tell you that they possess various uses; therefore, there are a lot of markets for them. Also, push selling points from high-quality artistry, and not as items that are cheaply made or can get broken or require quick replacement.

Brackets are not the only types of things you can make and sell, even though they are probably among the easiest. Visiting the hardware store will give you a host of items you can make and sell cheaply and quickly but at a small profit.

9.    Model vehicles

The market for model vehicles is huge among war collectors and vehicle enthusiasts. The vehicles include all things from airplanes to cars and other specialized military vehicles like tanks. A great project of welding from which you can make bucks is to make model vehicles very cheaply.

They are always small; therefore, even though they may be cheap to make, the accuracy or detail level you will require will necessitate some attention and thoughts. If you want to reach keen buyers that are willing to pay for this item, your work will have to be of the best quality. If you make an airplane or vehicle, you will still get a market for them, but you will not charge anywhere near the initial amount!

One method of increasing the charged amount is to employ a metal that is easy to paint. The sale of these items as one kit which your buyer can decorate will make them extremely appealing.

10.    Fences and gates

Large gates and fences are probably among the things on the list that you can sell at a very high price, but they are among the most complex items for you to make. If you want to make a fence or gate that is effective, you will have to make your measurements perfectly for there to be no room for errors. Additionally, your skills of welding will have to be top notch if you have the hopes of creating things that are vaguely creative or pretty.

When you begin, you will realize that the items you require to make the gates and fences are quite expensive, but if you end up doing a great job, you will reap the rewards within your profit margin. They also take a long time to make as compared to small objects that you could opt for. The profit will be slow in coming, but you will end up with a lump sum in return.

11.    Weld a Shop Stool

Probably, this is among the most crucial items for your welding shop. The good thing about welding stools is that you do not have intricate or complicated parts to weld. It is a modest high-rise stool you have seen in many welding workshops.

Before you begin the project of welding the stool, you will have to draw it to make sure that you know all you need. There are several things that you will require to get started apart from the machine of welding. They are the square pieces of steel that will be utilized as the seat and the angle iron brackets that will be utilized as the legs.

You need to make sure that the brackets height is the same. You do not desire to end up with a stool that is wobbly. The angle brackets are crucial for building the frame and provide support for the seat. It is quite easy because you will have to weld the square seat frame that is the size of the metallic seat and the four legs for it to stand. To make your stool strong and stable, you have to ensure that you are running the angle door brackets in the seat and through the bottom of the stool. The other choices for seats you can make in your welding project include the padded or plywood seats.

12.    Weld together the Workbench

This might be among the most crucial projects for you. In case you have plans of starting to weld; whether as a professional or as a hobby, the workbench will be a very crucial item you will require. It is surprising to note that the welding workbench is not very hard. The trick is welding it together with the help of the right technique. If that is manageable, it can hold up to five hundred kilograms of weight for your future projects. You need to see it as your welding skills test. The items you require to make this bench include paint, angle file or grinder, angle iron brackets, and a welding machine.

Being similar to the shop stool, the workbench also possesses four legs and a top. Employ a steel top for you to utilize it for all your futuristic projects easily. Wood is neither safe nor good as an idea for the top. The table size is upon you and is dependent on the space which is available in your workshop or garage. You need to make sure that the height of the bench is nice and comfortable to work on. You might add another platform near the bottom half to make the bench strong and create additional space for your tools. Make sure you paint on it to hand it a finished look.

13.    The Tool Rack

This will help to organize all things. The greatest aspect of making it by yourself is that it is possible to customize it in all the ways you want. You can decide to make the wall-hanging rack to clear space of the floor in case it is limited or you can decide to create a standing rack. The required tools are similar to the ones used in making the workbench.

Use the angle brackets to come up with a frame of the rack. You can start creating one partition from the middle. The rack or storage space has to be very big to store all the equipment of your own. For this project, you need to measure your equipment and make the right partitions. You can employ hooks or pipes if you desire to hang your tools or sheets of steel in the rack. You can paint it off to give it a polished look or leave it if you desire to show off neat marks of welding. 

14.    Garden Fence

Build a fence in the garden to protect your garden from pets that are straying. You require steel rods and an aluminum-magnesium wire mesh. Space your steel rods at distances of not more than two meters. Depending on the fence area that needs placement; calculate the number of rods that you will require. The fence height is your choice to make. With a width of two meters and height of your choice, cut a section of the wire mesh. Utilize the welding machine to do the welding for it to be between the steel rods. Continue doing it until the whole gate area is covered fully. This project is simple to make and is also quick to finish after getting all things ready.

15.    Grill

You can make your grill as a cool welding project. All you require is one clean metal barrel and a few metal strips.

Employ the TIG torch for purposes of cutting the metal barrel in two halves horizontally. You will have to make sure that you are cleaning it properly from inside. You can now weld the strips together for it to look like a mesh that is spaced out equally. Fill your metal barrel with charcoal and then light them. Place your metal grill on the top, and the grill will be ready for use.

16.    Metal Carts

Metal carts are not only useful but also easy to manufacture. You can employ them to move objects that are heavy around the garage. One of the greatest reasons for building the metal cart is to move the TIG welder around using the wheels. You will no longer have to be worried about lifting heavy things, and you can take it everywhere with you. All you require is cold-rolled steel rods for handles, four cartwheels, four casters and their support, metal strips for the base, and angle iron brackets for its sides.

Draw the design before you embark on welding it. To begin with, you need to make sure that you measure it accurately so that the metal is not very small. Utilize the angle-iron brackets in the construction of the outer sides. Make sure you join them into the rectangular form. You can now weld strips of metal across its base. They should not be placed very close to offer support. Weld the cartwheels and casters. You can then use steel rods to make a handle that will help you pull it all over. The metal cart is ready for carrying the TIG welding machine.

17.    Pet Gate

There are also some fun welding projects to do when you are working on improving your home. In case you have a pet cat or dog, you need to realize that it is very crucial own a pet gate. It is crucial to have one of them if you have the intention of potty-training them. Therefore, to make one for your home, you need metal hinges and metal tubing.

Weld the metal lattice together by the use of the metal tubing for coming up with half-inch squares. You need to make it big enough for the pet to be able to get through it. You can now employ more metal tubing in welding the borders in the rectangular shape. You need to make sure that its edges are smooth since you do not want the pet to get hurt. Utilize hinges to attach it onto the bottom half of the door. You will then cut an opening on the door of a similar size. The pet can now punch the gate and then pass through it.

18.    Fire Pit

Fire pits made of cinder blocks are hard to make and are also not durable. Why not embark on a welding project of making a metallic fire pit? You need eight cold-rolled steel rods and four sheets of gauge steel.

Tuck-weld your four sheets together at ninety degrees angles to each other, holding sides of twenty inches together. You can then weld four rods at four corners and four inches between every panel. The rods will get sunk in the ground and hold the big metal square in position. After doing this, utilize the piece of wood and sledgehammer to help in digging holes to sink your fire pit to the ground. This one will be a lifetime investment.

19.    Bookends

Do you hate it when books that are on the shelf fall when you are taking out one? It is a hassle to stack books on your shelf again. Why not build your bookends? They are quite easy to make, and they require paint and a heavy gauged piece of metal.

The bookend that is L-shaped is the best choice for you because it slides below the books and makes sure that they are in place. Take two pieces of metals which are between four to six inches wide and long. Make sure you weld them together with the help of two-stack welds. Use paint to make it interesting and colorful. They are great ideas when you want to give them out as gifts.

20.    Trailer Dolly

These dollies are crucial for carrying a lot of heavy things around. It can also carry the boat to the beach. To make it, you need a hitch kit, wheel kit, and metal stripping.

You need to start by arranging your metal stripping in the form of a rectangular frame. Ensure that whatever your trailer has to carry, you measure that thing at the beginning. You would not wish to go through the problem of making the dolly then it becomes very small for utility. Weld your frame together. It is crucial for the frame to be sturdy enough to support what the items are weighing. Utilize the hitch kit when welding. You need to make sure that are adding the wheels well. Utilize the board on the frame for carrying your things around.

21.    Support Stand

The support stand looks like the goal post in football. It can hold rods of long lengths you are using in your cool welding project. To make a stand you need a threaded rod, one nut, metal pieces, one pipe, and one channel of six inches.

Weld the channel of six inches to your pipe. You can then weld your pipe to the metal piece and weld it in the nut. You can then insert the rod via the nut and thread the other nut on the other side. Weld the three-inch channel on the nut and then add the u-shaped pieces of metal, which will act as support.

22.    Garden Wagon

Have you noticed the hard task of carrying supplies when you are gardening? In case you have a loved one that has a hobby of gardening, you can make the wagon for him and hand it to him as a gift. To make the garden wagon, you require two sheets of metals that are six inches on the sides,  two sheets of metal of four feet by six inches on the sides, one metal sheet for the base, four metal brackets, two axles that are four and half feet wide, and one metal wagon handle. You will also need four solid wheels of two feet and paint that rust proof.

Utilize four sheets of metal that you purchased for the sides and then weld them in the shape of a rectangle. You can then place the sheet of metal of its base on the top and then weld its edges. Set its axles four inches from all ends of the wagon. You can weld brackets over the axles. The axles of the wheel should have the ability to spin. Attach its wheels and then flip the body to weld the handles of the wagon in place. Use the rust proof paint to pint it and the garden wagon will be ready to utilize.

23.    Firewood Rack

The firewood rack is a cool welding project idea and one which does not take very long to weld. You require square metal tubing to make it.

The rack is constructed in a U-edged square. The height needs to be approximately four feet and five feet long. The overall width needs to be at least one and a half feet. Cut your metal tubing to the right size and begin welding its ends. Add support halfway in length to make it strong.

24.    Go Kart Frame

You can construct the go-cart frame within no time with the help of plans in the market. The plans are good for your project. Additionally, this project is worthwhile, fun, and if you have to involve other individuals in your project, they will also enjoy. Everybody likes the go Kart.

25.    Shelves

Construct some shelves of steel for purposes of storage in the garage. Your partner will increasingly love you for it as a gift, but she will hate the clutter that is created there.

26.    Welding Table.

You need to possess a sturdy welding table in the working location. After all, what surface are you going to use during welding? Will you use the kitchen table? That is not the case. This may be your most worthwhile welding project in the new shop.

27.    Steel and Metal Storage.

You need to store all your metal bits for purposes of welding. Why not create a storage container that is organized rather than throwing them in an old space in the garage or shed?

28.    Plant Stands.

Everybody likes and loves plants. Many people love having nice plant stands to hang little plants on them. This is especially good on the level of the eyes because many freaks of plants like talking to their plants also.

29.    Stool.

You require a sitting stool when you are feeling tired being on your feet at all times. You will also be cleaning and grinding in the house; therefore, why not do it while seated on the stool that you welded by yourself.

30.    Barbecue

You can weld the barbeque or grill within a short period. All you need to put in place is a full set of plans. To make your things simple and easy, you can go for the fifty-five-gallon barrel. You can build one from that barrel. It does not look pretty, but it completes the trick.

31.    Compost Unit.

Everybody would like to have great soil for his plans. Construct a composting barrel unit that will help solve this task.

32.    Toy

Building a toy is an advanced but cool welding project idea you can try out. This project will be challenging, but it is worth a try. Just have a plan in place, and you will come up with a great toy for your functionality.

33.    Outdoor Fireplace

One of the greatest projects that beginners find useful and interesting is the outdoor fireplace. This project needs minimal skill, good working knowledge of ARC, MIG, and TIG welding basics, and excellent attention to detail. The materials required include the plasma cutter, steel rods, and steel sheets. It may take several days to complete.

34.    Barbecue pit

Who could not utilize the homemade barbecue pit? Save time and money by making your barbecue pit with the welding skills you have. This welding project is simple in which you can weld a few metal bars and sheets together, and place the completed project in the patio area or backyard. Since this task will assist you to adorn the patio and the home, techniques of TIG welding and supplies are needed.

35.    Storage Rack

Curating the storage rack is a great welding idea for all welders that like using the MIG welder. This project needs some bits of space, creativity, and skill. After completing it, you can put it anywhere in the garage or home where you require additional space for storage.

36.    Screen Or Security Door

Employ your welding project hobby to enhance the security of the home by welding the security door or screen. You can employ various metals depending on how sturdy or how strong you want the new door screen to be. You need to keep the appearance of the door in mind also. To give the door screen a look of high quality and finish, employ TIG tools of welding.

37.    Entry Gates

This cool welding project is for welders with little time on their hands and would like to come up with something that enhances the value of the home and curb the appeal while showing their skills of welding off. Weld the wrought aluminum or iron bars together to come up with great entry gates. For this task, you will require MIG welding tools and ornamental wrought iron or aluminum bars.

38.    Wine Bottle Holder

Welders that love wine will love the idea of making their bottle holders. All they need is a thick chain, welding equipment, and an empty wine bottle. Of course, the welding technique and materials depend on the design of the bottle holder. Beginners can get by this welding project by use of TIG and ARC welding skills and supplies to come up with a useful and stunning wine bottle holder.

39.    Barbecue Smoker

This cool welding project is for beginners that are advanced and would like to test their skills of welding. Creating a smoker needs a good time investment, enough space, and steel materials, but the finalized project and rewards are worth the investment.

40.    Coat Rack

In case you are seeking extra space for your jackets and coats, you can weld your coat rack with ease. All you require is steel components and other supplies of welding. Use the MIG welder to give your rack a look that is professional and for smoothing out rough edges to keep clothes and coats from sagging.

41.    Truck Bumper Kit

This is a great welding project idea for beginners, truck enthusiasts, and teens. It is extremely easy, simple, and can be put to utility immediately. Weld the truck bumper to give your vehicle extra protection and an appearance that is rugged. A TIG and a MIG welder are required for this task.

42.    Garden Trellis

Make your garden trellis for your climbing plants and vines with the help of your skills in welding. The size and design of the project will determine if you have to use ARC, TIG, or MIG welding tools.

43.    Children’s play sets

Your kids will love it when you choose to build them a playground. Find free playground plans and use them for this cool project

44.    Truck and trailer jack stands

If you want to construct a custom truck, the extra tall jack stand is a thing that will help you work below the vehicle. The project of the jack stand is good for advanced welders that know ways of making a weld seam that will not break.

45.    Small utility trailer

There is no need of purchasing a new trailer for four thousand dollars. Construct a small trailer after gaining intermediate welding skills. You can do it when you have MIG welding skills.

46.    Modern desk (business design)

The modern desk is yet another welding project idea that can give you money. This desk is as cute as a modest dining table. When you make this table, you can sell it for one thousand dollars.

47.    Steel vase

Making a steel vase is a great welding project idea. Since you are working on flat steel, you have to select a design you can break down in flat planes you can start with.

48.    Fitness and gym equipment

Welding gym and fitness tools is a cool welding project idea for people that want to sell stuff or for welding experts. Design your shoulder press bench, climbing bar, and the flat bench and then sell it to the local gyms.

49.    Steel and glass partition wall

A modern and nice looking partition wall that is made of glass and steel frames is a great welding project. The project of the partition wall is for advanced welders. If done well, this project can be lucrative.

50.    Contracting services

One cool welding idea is having contacts with all local and building contractors. You need to consider workshops, industrial companies, marine industries, and car repairs to name a few. If you handle the projects well, it is likely that you will get a recommendation from customers and contractors in the future.

With the required tools of welding, the right design, and little creativity, anybody can come up with beautiful projects in their backyards.

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