Lincoln viking 3350 4c review

lincoln viking 3350 4c review

​Most companies include many features on the welding helmets they introduce to the market, but the welder’s safety is vital. When welding, the harmful radiations that the welding machine emits can highly affect your skin and the eyes. To protect yourself from these radiations, you should go for quality lens and helmets – well-made and easier to maintain in the right condition.

The filter lens should remain connected properly to the mask to reduce the chances of accident occurrence. The screen-darkening feature should be more effective to handle your type of welding. The helmet should also effectively protect yours from fumes. In other words, it should have a properly working ventilation system. Moreover, welding might be a hard work when the helmet is heavy and uncomfortable.  That is why you need a good product like the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet, which has a lower weight.

Why should you buy the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C?

With the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet, you will be able to decide the features you need depending on your type of welding. The helmet provides higher optical clarity rating and therefore it is the leading in the light diffusion class, optical class, luminous transmittance, and luminous transmittance angle class. It offers clear clarity that is important in precision welding.

The 4C lens technology is the most recent in the market and is made to improve the welder’s visibility and minimize green tinted glows. The feature minimizes eyestrain and facilitates completion of better welds with a better view. If you need clarity and more comfort the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C is a great option.

Who is the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C designed for?

The high quality-welding helmet is suitable for welders who prefer standing when completing a welding task. It is, therefore, a great choice for a DIY enthusiast and professional welders alike. Its lens has better sensitivity and works with any welding machine including the low AMP TIG machines

The massive viewing screen provides a greater field regardless of the position. That is particularly important for the beginners because they can focus on the weld – not trying to identify the right viewing angle. Including for the professional welders, the feature will help enhance the operator control. Whether you are a beginner or a welding expert, the product will perfectly work for you.

The key features

Here are the key features to expect with the Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet.

  • Visibility

Visibility and clarity are the two most important features of a welding helmet. The helmet you select should offer crisp definite views of a weld puddle. Haziness should not exist when completing a welding task and the shade should be constant including when welding at angles. Lincoln’s 4C ADF technology makes the product a great welding helmet in the market today.  The auto-darkening feature will move light to dark after you have started welding and to light when you stop welding.

  • Viewing area

The size of the viewing area highly depends on the needs of a welding technician. Part-time workers typically use small display area because they only weld when a need arises. Smaller screens have lesser weight, but professionals might prefer a large viewing area. The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Helmet provides 3.74 in x 3.34 in viewing area. The large viewing area will allow you to work in areas where your vision is impaired or limited.

  • Weight

The total weight of Lincoln 3350 stands at 21 ounces, which means that it is over one pound and slightly below two pounds. Light helmets make overhead welding tasks easier to complete. This light helmet will also reduce the pressure on your neck and decrease fatigue if you mostly weld for longer periods. Nevertheless, this product tends to be heavier at its enlarged viewing screen. During your purchase, keep in mind that it is among the lightest helmets currently in the market.

  • Durability

When checking on the durability of a helmet, you should start by evaluating the warranty. Lincoln provides three-year warranty for their 3350-Welding helmet. They offer this warranty free, but it only covers manufacture defects. They also provide an extended warranty – up to 5 years -  where they will handle all repair costs. For Canada and United States regions, the manufacturer covers the labor costs. The warranty requires the helmet user to pay an additional amount for the coverage.

  • Comfort

With the Lincoln 3350 helmet, you will weld all metals comfortably. Its improved clarity and 4C technology mean that the eyestrain will be minimal. The product comes with an adjustable head size knob that makes the headgear more comfortable for the user. The Fore/AFT adjustments allow the user to adjust the distance between the lens and face to improve the vision if necessary. Helmets can be oppressive after several hours of use but the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 has a unique suspension system that eases the load on the shoulders and neck.


-  Larger viewing area

- Higher quality optics

- Great lens sensitivity

- 4C lens technology

- Usable with magnifying lenses

- Good range of settings for the shade

- Longer battery life

- Effective head retention system

- Made for optimal fit and comfort


  • Even though its weight is low, it might still cause fatigue when used throughout the day
  • The glossy black coating is easily scratched


Q: How long will the battery last?

A: A battery that dies mid-arc will put you at a higher risk of unexpected flashes that might hurt your eyes. That is the key reason you should keep your battery fully charged throughout. The Lincoln Viking 3350 4C welding helmet comes with a solar charged battery. You should keep the helmet near the window after welding for it to recharge. The LED indicator starts to flash immediately the battery runs low.

Q: Does the product offer adjustable settings?

A: Its adjustable sensitivity settings range from the DIN5 setting to the DIN13 setting. The adjustable setting is suitable for all types of welding projects, apart from those with lower TIG rating. The 4 arc sensors also detect flashes at speed of 1/25,000 second. This helmet is more responsive. It will keep you protected when completing a project.

Bottom line

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 is a phenomenal welding piece of equipment that any welder can use regardless of his/her skill levels. If your welding processes involve TIG, MIG, or Stick, the helmet will come in handy. The 4C lens technology leads the others in optical clarity and its viewing size is matchless. Whether you are a novice or a professional, the helmet will help you complete al your welding activities hassle-free. The auto-darkening feature will move the shade from dark to light after the welding has stopped and back and to darkness after the welding has started.

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