Lincoln electric k2185-1 review

lincoln electric k2185-1 review

​The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is among the outstanding options the market offers for small welding jobs, involving metals with a thickness below 1/8”. Lincoln, the producing company, has been in existence for over 120 years. Within that time, they have produced numerous quality products and added convenience to most customers’ lives.

The welding machine provides wire and gas welding options. The safety options and the warranty/price make it a perfect choice. With the 35-88 amp output, Lincoln Electric K2185-1 offers multi-use functionality. However, you will have to purchase the shield gas separately. Most customers, including the beginners, claim that the welder provides excellent results.

Why should you buy the Lincoln Electric K2185-1?

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 offers numerous advantages and is among the best MIG welders in the market today and the number one choice for most electric welding technicians. The machine works perfectly with household outlets. In fact, you just need to plug it right into your garage or home’s 115V 20Amp power outlet and run it. The feature will also allow you to take the welding machine with you from one location to the other.

The manufacturer uses high-quality parts to make it. The fan-cooling feature adds to the longevity of the machine. If you like items that come with numerous extras, you will definitely love the Lincoln Electric K2185-1. It offers six contact tips (3 of .025” and 3 of .035”), a hammer/chipping brush, 3lbs of spool (2lbs .025” and 1lb .035”). They also provide a gas nozzle, a gas-less nozzle ideal for flux-cored welding, a hose to use in MIG welding and a regulator. With the many features, you will always get perfect results.

Whom is the product designed for?

If you want to weld metals with a thickness below 1/8” with flux-cored or MIG welding, then the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is a perfect choice. And if you think that you are more likely to welding something powerful, you should avoid it and go for the 140A welders. The more powerful welders provide you with a chance of turning the power down, but turning the Handy MIG up is impossible.

If you are sure that, you will solely concentrate on home projects that involve metals with less than 1/8” and you require something that will last for many years, the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is the top recommendation. The product is of great quality, it is easier to carry around and the manufacturer offers it at an affordable price.               

The key features

Here are the important features to expect with the welder.

  • Power

The machine offers 88 amps as the maximum amperage output and 35 amps as the minimum. Therefore, the welding is within the lower end category of the power output welders provide. The product is not ideal for heavy-duty jobs, but it will work great in your small workshop or when repairing items around your home. You can use it in any place if there is a 115V power outlet – available in most households. The duty cycle stands at 20 percent when operating at 70 amps.

  • Settings

To produce precise and strong welds, you should adjust the settings to match the needs of your job. The product provides four voltage settings in addition to continuous wire-feed speed control. With its voltage settings, you will be able to select the right voltage to match the thickness of the material you are welding. When welding a thick material, you will have to select a higher setting. The machine's continuous wire-feed speed adjustment provides better control when welding and will, therefore, help you complete your projects faster and precisely.

  • The warranty

Lincoln is among the leading brands globally. It takes pride in its products quality and that might be the first reason they provide a 1-year warranty on parts and labor with the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 welder. In other words, if anything breaks down within one year after purchase, you will have the chance of replacing it if it is related to the manufacturing. The warranty also covers non-fault failures of the machine. That means you should worry about any losses during your purchase. 

  • Price

The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 provides great value for money, particularly for the beginner level welders. With the affordable price, you will get a welder and all the extras you require to start your welding projects. Most lower-end price welders in the market started falling apart within a few years after purchase. The machine is durable and can last for over 10 years. The company has been in existence for over 100 years.  

  • Usability

The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 provides flux-cored and MIG welding options. The manufacturer designs it for people who want to complete home repair projects and to weld light gauge steel – ranging between 24 gauge and 1/8 inches. The welding machine is user-friendly and simple to use. Due to the low price, you should not expect any feature associated with the expensive welders – such as voltage settings or infinite wire-feed control.


  • More affordable and a great value for money
  • Durable and offers solid mechanisms
  • Highly portable and lightweight


  • The 1/8” metal gauge is very restricting
  • The control panel offers limited options. It offers only 4 voltage settings.


Q: The manufacturer includes flux wire in the package. Is it of great quality?

A: Yes. It is the Lincoln brand, which is known to provide quality materials only. The machine comes with six contact tips (3 of .025” and 3 of .035”), a hammer/chipping brush, 3lbs of spool (2lbs .025” and 1lb .035”).

Q: Does the welder feature a regulator?

A: The manufacturer includes a simple regulator. The regulator is among the basic components Lincoln offers with their welding machines.

Q: Can I use gas with the Lincoln Electric K2185-1? Or it is purely a flux core welder?

A: The welder offers gas welding and flux-core welding options. You will realize that the gas weld is easier and ideal for beginners.

Q: Which materials can I weld with the Lincoln Electric K2185-1?

The machine limits users to materials with a thickness of 1/8”. You should avoid using it beyond the thickness.


If you are among the beginners and you do not need a welding machine for welding metal plates with serious thickness, the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 might be a perfect choice. It provides users with an opportunity to complete the powerful welding. It is easier to carry around and use in various methods. It is a good choice for any beginner level welder.

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