Lincoln 180 mig welder review

Lincoln 180 mig welder review

People may have different definitions of what efficiency in machinery entails. However, there is usually a consensus when it comes to performance. An efficient machine is consistent in high performance. It does not give up at that moment you need it the most.

An efficient welder is a joy to have for any pro technician or hobbyist. However, it must also be reliable.

The fact is that there are not many machines out there that you can call efficient and reliable. In the following Lincoln 180 MIG Welder review, we discuss one of the best welding machines out there.

Why should you buy the Lincoln 180 MIG Welder?

Some machines cannot do certain works. For example, if you have a fabrication shop or a farm, you're going to need a device that best underscores what it means to be reliable. Well, many qualities make this an ideal welder.

For starters, it is heavy duty. We find that it is a machine that can hold up pretty well even when used frequently. It is a machine that can weld thicker materials. That is if you have about 230 volts input power.

It is also user-friendly. The two-knob control is easy to use and makes your work fun. In other words, you can quickly tune the power and other qualities to make it fitting for the current job.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

Lincoln 180 MIG Welder is for people that weld a significant lot. It is a heavy duty machine ideal for fabrication shops. And if you have a large and busy farm, you are going to need a machine such as this one that can withstand heavy-duty use.

For example, the heavy machinery that you have within your farm will need constant maintenance. Without a good quality welder, running your farm can become an expensive affair.

Hobbyists that work with heavy metals or those that cannot let a weekend pass by without designing something interesting will need such a machine.


Easy to use

This is the kind of machine that makes metalworking fun. We find the two knobs as one of the most excellentfeatures on this machine. It is therefore comfortable to adjust to your preferences.

Tackling aluminum steel and stainless steel is as easy as it can get. And that is music to the ears of users. Any hobbyist will tell you how much fun it is to make something that you wanted successfully. And for that matter, quickly.

The natural use of this machine makes that a possibility.


We love how this machine boasts features that make it efficient. It is not how much hard you work that counts but the final product. You can give minimal input,but your end product is better than the person that gave their all. Efficiency and working smart is all that matters,and the welder wins on all fronts.


Well, 66lbs may not be what we can comfortably refer to as portable, but it is pretty much in the right range. You will not have any problem carrying it from one place to the other. And the dual voltage feature makes this portability even better.

Heavy-duty Performance

We find the arc from this machine to be quite forgiving. It starts with a small spatter and then gradually increases to handle thick metals. Its dual voltage capability makes it quite versatile in terms of usage. In other words, you can choose to use the normal household voltage or the 220 voltage connection.

Hobbyists or beginners will find the arc to be quite accommodating. This group of users may not need the higher voltage connection. They can use the household connection for their projects, without a problem.


Typically, the machine can handle up to 4.8 mm sheet metal at one time. No double pass needed. A single-pass from this machine is all that you need when welding steel. No more!

The power from this machine is something that makes our creative juices flow. You cannot imagine enough of how many metal designs you are going to try.


  • Durable gear made from cast iron.
  • Two knobs that are easy to use.
  • Better conductivity with brass to brass gun connectivity.
  • A versatile welding machine.
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories.


  • It is a bit pricey
  • Has a limited power output
  • This is not a light machine


Does the welder overheat?

Unlike some cheap welder machines you'll find on the market, this particular welder does not overheat. It has a powerful and efficient fan that keeps everything cool.

Final Verdict

With a machine like Lincoln 180 MIG Welder, you can now start your repair shop. It is heavy duty for those thick metal parts that your clients bring around. And the fact that it is user-friendly helps inspire more innovation.

It blends efficiency and power in a way that makes anyone adore it. But not just anyone, but rather, those that deal with metals. And, of course, not forgetting the beginners since the welder is kind to the skills.

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