Hobart Handler 210 MVP Reviews

Hobart handler 210 mvp reviews

​While some welding machines become designed for durability, others only have high affordability or quality. In the case of Hobart Handler 210 MVP, things are a bit distinct as Hobart Handler 210 MVP reviews reveal that the tool becomes praised for all these three attributes. Attesting to this is however impossible if a review is not conducted. As a result, the piece below has detailed evaluation of this tool. Not only does it focus on the unique features that the machine possesses, but it also scripts the various merits and demerits of the device along with its preferred users. Before getting a hold of these sections, let us first look at the reason why you need to buy a Hobart Handler 210 MVP.

Why should you buy the Hobart Handler 210 MVP?

There are three outstanding reasons why you need to get the Hobart Handler 210 MVP. The first reason deals with quality. Nearly all welders who have used this device attest to its performance. Influencing this is the high-quality finishing welds the tool offers. Ordinarily, high-quality types of machinery are costly. Fortunately for the Hobart Handler 210, its pricing is economical, which explains why you need to buy the machine. The last reason why you should purchase this tool is because of its durability. There is nothing heartbreaking for welders than purchasing a device only for it to wear out soon. Since it is evident in this review that the device last a lifetime and offers high-quality welds at a reasonable price, you shouldn’t think twice about buying it.

Whom is this device designed for?   

In the welding industry, there are devices manufactured for either the new beginners or the experts. With regards to the Hobart Handler 210 MVP, this machine was designed for the novice. Championing, this is the fact that one does not need to be a professional to handle the tool. However, this does not mean that the experts cannot work with this tool. They can have their hands on the machine, but the device is a plus for those who are just beginning in the welding industry. Therefore, both the specialist in welding and the beginners are open to using this tool.


  • Dual voltage input

Welding machines with single voltage inputs are not bad. Their only shortcoming is that they are restrictive in the sense that they do not allow one to plug in the welder anywhere. With the dual-voltage input, things become different. Mainly, one can easily plug in their device everywhere. Since the Hobart Handler 210 MVP supports dual voltage input, this means that one does not have to worry about its plugging. The reason is that its multi-voltage nature allows the tool to become plugged in almost.

  • Dual-groove drive rolls

In addition to the dual voltage, the other double feature in the Hobart Handler 210 MVP is the groove drive rolls. Switching of sizes in welding is not always easy. However, this aspect is easy to perform as long as one has this machine. Influencing this is the dual groove drive rolls which make it easy for the welder to switch from one size to the other without any hustle. 

  • Motor protection and self-resetting thermal overload

Along with the mentioned features, the machine has the self-resetting thermal overload as well as the motor protection. Based on the name motor protection, it is apparent that this feature helps in protecting the motor from any viable problems. Mainly, the role of this feature is to ensure that the machine does not exceed its duty limit. As a result, this is advantageous as not all welding machines have it fitted in them.

  • Inbuilt contactor

The machine has a built-in contactor. As a result of this attribute, the device becomes easy to use as it is made more convenient. Besides making the machine suitable for use this feature can become thought of as safety gear. The reason is that due to the presence of built-in contactor, the device can make wire electrically cold when the tool is not in use. 

  • Inbuilt spool gun control circuitry

The last important feature in this review is the spool gun control circuitry, which is inbuilt. Ideally, this is an optional feature for those using the spool gun, and it's use is by plugging it directly into the machine. It aids in the alleviating feeding problems affecting the soft aluminium wires. Since feeding problems are issues that are impossible to avoid, this feature comes in handy in the Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder.  


  • Perfect for newbies as it required less operational skills
  • Works well in home and industrial sites
  • Offers quality welds all the time
  • Relatively cheap welder compared to similar tools in its category
  • Compact in size hence easy to transport
  • Provides both the MIG Welding and flux-cored welding


  • Cannot be used in the heavy-duty fabrications
  • In spite of being easy to carry, one may require a cart to move it around
  • The cables may be too short for some of the users    

FAQ of Hobart Handler 210 MVP 

  • What is the welding metal thickness of this device?

The weld metal thickness for this device is between 24 gauge to 3/8 inches.

  • Can Hobart Handler 210 MVP weld metal without gas?

Yes, the machine can weld metals in the absence of gas. However, for this to happen, you must ensure that you are using the Hobart flux core wire which it contains.

Final Verdict 

Based on the Hobart Handler 210 MVP review, it is obvious that the machine is a useful tool offering quality welds. However, it does not have advanced features which restrict its use.  If one is interested in handling the small fabrications, this would be the perfect machine given its price, which is relatively low compared to tools in the same category. If such is not the case, you can equally add some coins and get a better device which is not limited to various working environments. Nonetheless, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP is a perfect welder for beginners who are looking for quality, affordability and durability in handling small projects.  

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