Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V Review

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V Review

Admit it! Not all manufactured welding machinery last long in the industry. Perhaps, this is because of their level of durability or the implementation of better tools that get to outdo them overtime. However, some types of machinery have stood the test of time, which affirms their efficiency. The following piece is not going to review all the welding equipment’s that have stood the test of time. However, it is going to provide a review of the Hobart Handler 140, which has been in the industry for long but is still a performer in matters welding.


Nobody wants to purchase a machine that is bound to wear out sooner rather than later. Fortunately, Hobart Handler 140 longevity cannot become doubted. It is because of this high level of durability and reliability that you should buy the Hobart Handler 140. Additionally, the tool is not restricted to handling a specific project but can work in multiple projects including but not limited to the household projects, massive farm projects, metal sculpture projects and auto body panels projects. The fact that one does not need to be a profession in welding to handle the machine is another reason why you should buy the product.


Different attributes can be used to tell the kind of people that were designed to use this product. Concerning professionalism, the device is designed for both the professional and inexperienced welders as there is nothing technical about handling the Hobart Handler 140 as is the case of other types of machinery. On a more precise note, however, the device was designed for the beginners or rather, the inexperienced users. With regards to projects, although it can work in varieties of setups or handle various projects as indicated in the previous section, it is suitable for the DIY projects.


​    1. 5 position voltage control selector

A smooth arc on various thicknesses is ideally the desire of every welder in the welding industry. While the welder can use their knowledge to achieve this, the absence of 5 position voltage control selector makes the process a bit challenging. Luckily for the Hobart Handler 140, it is fitted with a five-position voltage control selector. The feature avails the user with a suitable scope that aids him or her in achieving smooth arcs on various thicknesses on their DIY projects.

    2. Dual gauge regulator

Another essential feature for this machinery is the two gauge regulator. Both of the regulators work collaboratively to regular the flow of gas. However, one regulator distinctively plays the role of showing the rate of the gas while the other shows the pressures of the gas bottles. The rate is bound to be more or less, depending on the project one is handling. However, this is nothing to becoming worried about because there is a knob below the two regulators that can be manipulated to fit your desired rate of gas flow.

   3. Wire drive system

Along with the five positions, voltage control selector and the dual-gauge regulator is the wire drive system. It is designed using the industrial cast aluminium which prevents the deformation of soft wires used in the device. Given the nature of the wire drive system for this machinery, the small diameter aluminium wires become preferable as they are easy to feed. As a result, it is necessary to keep this in mind while purchasing the Hobart Handler 140. 

    4. 10 foot MIG gun

Different welding machinery has different feet of their MIG gun. Fortunately for the Hobart Handler 140, it is fitted with a 10 foot MIG gun. The higher the foot of a MIG gun, the higher the chances of it completing surplus work without having to be dragged around. A 10 foot MIG gun is a relatively high foot, which means that this feature ensures that work becomes done without having to carry the Hobart Handler 140 around.  

   5. 5-foot gas hose

The last important feature of this welding machine is the 5-foot gas hose. Yes! You do not have to worry about buying a gas hose as the device comes accompanied by a 5-foot gas hose. Given the foot of the gas hose, there is no denying that it is long enough, which means an adequate supply of the gas. However, one can always replace if they find it not serving their needs, which is a rare occasion.

Although this piece has only focused on five essential features of the device, there are other features in the Hobart Handler 140. For instance, it has a decent duty cycle, internal thermostatic protection, built-in coordinator, and a two groove quick-change drive roll, among other features.


  • Comes with a user manual
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Contains inbuilt safety features
  • Highly durable
  • Economical given the various features it provides and the actions it can perform
  • Quality performance
  • Has chart settings    


  • Additional equipment like gas cylinders which means extra expense
  • Unsuitable for industrial use
  • Does not require the use of generators
  • Challenging to establish a smooth wire feed
  • Not highly portable as it is bulky to some extent


  1. Does its unit come with a spool gun option?

Unfortunately, the Hobart Handler does not come accompanied with the spool gun option.

  • Does the unit reverse the polarity?


  • What is its duty cycle?

8 minutes is the estimated duty cycle

  • Does the Hobart 140 work on 18 gauge steel along with flux core?

Yes. However, one must adjust the heat to weld as well as to use the step to step procedure to avoid overheating the metal.


Hobart Handler 140 is one of the welding machines that are worth every penny used for its purchase as it offers high-quality welds. However, one should not purchase it if they intend to handle massive industrial projects as it is ideal for the simple DIY projects. In case you are a newbie, this is definitely the welding device you should think of buying.   

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