Goplus MIG 130 welder review

Goplus MIG 130 welder review

If you are among the many DIY enthusiasts, finding a MIG welder that is automatic and lowly priced than the Goplus MIG 130 Welder can be hard. With its maximum 3.6KVA absorbed power, the welder operates wonders on thin steel sheets like those of cars. The product relies on the gasless flux MIG welding.

The welding process is more like MIG welding, but it takes tabular wires, filled with flux, instead of the regular wires. To fire, the welder does not take its power from carbon dioxide or argon. The flux-cored wires allow the welding work by inside-outside electrodes, with a metal casing that surrounds the fluxing core and alloying components. You will not require a gas cylinder to start your welding.

Why you should buy the product?

The benefits of Goplus MIG 130 Welder have to do with its size and price. The product weighs only 35 pounds and therefore, it is among the lightest welding machines in the market today. It is also among the cheapest. The welding machine is affordable and you can therefore safely assume that it is among the entry-level welders in the market. It is easy to operate and you will find it wieldy. It works perfectly for hobbyists and individuals who want to complete projects around their homes – those in need of a no-nonsense machine, and one that is easier and faster to setup.

Whom is the GoPlus MIG 130 Welder designed for?

If you need sturdy and stronger welds, the Goplus MIG 130 is the right tool for you. Even though it provides great results, it is not overly powerful and actually, its maximum output stands at 105 amps, which renders it unusable when fusing thick metals. However, the product is capable of joining sheet steel and if you want to weld things like auto sheets, it will work perfectly.

The welder is also very light and compact. It is therefore ideal for small workshops, tool sheds and garages where space is limited. The portability and the price of this product are the two greatest selling points. If you are among the individuals who run professional workshops or planning to, you will have to spend some additional bucks to get a professional model.

The key features

  • Inexpensive, but dynamic wire

The benefits of flux-cored arc welding relates to the fact that it does not rely on solid wires to function – the soli wires can be hard to get and expensive. The solid wires are not made for welding processes and they are therefore likely to give more electrode than you require. On the other hand, cored wires are made of special alloying elements and are therefore more versatile. As a welder, you will have an easier time when using tubular wires, particularly when welding pipes in a fixed position.

  • Power

The welder runs on 110V/60Hz voltage and the maximum power output stands at 105 Amps. The voltage is sufficient for light workshop jobs and most home projects. Therefore, when purchasing, you should keep in mind that the unit does not fuse thicker metals – it works great when welding sheet metal such as those used in auto-body work. If you are already planning to start using the welding machine in your professional workshop, you should think again. Go for a more professional welding machine.

  • 4 Heat Settings

The welder provides 4 heat settings. In other words, you will go for a setting that will perfectly match your needs. The versatility allows easier welding over several applications. Therefore, if you are looking for deeper welds, you should go for the higher settings and accompany them with the right welding speed. With the right heat setting, you will always get the right results when working on auto body parts.

  • Wire speed control range

The welder offers ten wires- feed speed levels and therefore offers you adequate room for customization. When working with thicker sheets, you will definitely need to use higher speeds. Appropriate wire feed speed and heat setting will provide you with a wider variety of applications. You do not have to worry about your welding accuracy anymore, you just need to select the right setting and everything will come out right.

  • Built-in torch

Most welding machines come with a built-in torch. However, the MIG 130 welder offers a torch with an on-off switch. Therefore, you can opt to switch it off if you do not need it. This welder machine comes in handy in the dark places, especially when preciseness is important. The on-off feature will also help you save energy and reach the hard to reach areas. The built-in torch is among the features that most reviewers like.

  • Thermal Overload Protection

Most welding machines available in the market today come with the thermal overload protection feature that helps prevent against fire and other potential hazards. The feature works by shutting down the welding unit if the user happens to weld for a very long time continuously. After you have exceeded the duty cycle, you are likely to damage the welding machine. With the thermal overload protection feature, you should not expect any damages to the welding machine.

Pros and Cons of Goplus MIG 130


  • The electrical power input goes with domestic plugs
  • The two air vent lowers the temperature and reduces chances of accidental burns
  • Has a durable steel frame
  • Features a non-electrification plastic handle


  • It is hard to weld without getting off the breaker


Q: How long is the Goplus 130 power cord?

A: The Goplus 130 offers a 72.5 inches long power cord. That provides you with adequate space to move around the area of operation. Moreover, the length of the cord with attachment of a welding gun is 65 inches.

Q: Does the product come with a warranty?1    

A: The manufacturer offers a 6 months warranty. On the downside, the warranty period is short and considering its price, the warranty period is not surprising. The manufacturer offers to replace the machine after you send it back to them within 30 days of purchase.

Q: Which are the included accessories?

A: The manufacturer also provides several extras with the Goplus 130 welder. Apart from the welding machine and the gun, you will get a brush, protection mask and welding wire (0.9mm and 0.55lbs). Therefore, you will have all the tools you require to start your welding projects. However, for proper protection from the UV sparks and lights, you should go for a higher quality-welding helmet. The manufacturer uses cheap plastic to make the mask and it will not provide you with adequate protection. 

Bottom line

The Goplus MIG 130 welder is a great machine and if you purchase it, you will be a proud owner. The product is ideal for lightweight projects and the narrow specialization makes it desirable for welding enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. If you would want to be a proud owner, it is the right time to purchase one.

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