Everlast Powerarc 160STH Review

Everlast Powerarc 160STH Review

​The Everlast Powerarc 160sth is a welding machine which is used admired by most of the welders all over the country. It is a combination welder which can offer you the features of switching between TIG welding and ARC welding back and forth simultaneously. The everlast is a brand which is well known for its designing and durability. The build quality of the products of this brand is up to the mark and highly admired by the customers. It is an easy to use machine. Whether the welder is a newbie or professional, it is easy and quick for both of them. In this price range, this is the only machine which offers 35% at 160 amp.

This welding machine provides great portability. It is a lightweight welding machine with the shoulder strap so that anyone can take it anywhere without any difficulty. You can just set this machine up and start welding anywhere, you just need a power source to start welding.

Why should you buy the EVERLAST Powerarc 160sth?

This is the most easy to use welding machine available in the market. Whether you are a newbie or a professional welder, you will realize that the Everlast Powerarc 160sth is more productive and quick than your average welding machine. The working of this welding machine is smooth and fast during DC TIG welding as well as the welding with an IGBT inverter. In 2016, this machine was ranked second among the stick/ARC welding machines all over USA. This is the best deal you can get in this budget. Everlast is a well known brand which offers warranty and pleasant after sale services.

Whom is this product designed for?

The everlast powerarc 160sth is a great option for everyone at this price point. If you are a new user, then, this machine offers you the clean and decent experience in your first welding process. If you are a seasoned pro, then, you will appreciate the ease of doing work on this welding machine.

The dual voltage of this machine is 120v/220v which is perfect for the professional welders and DIYers. The power range is adjustable which is perfect for those who want to use it in backyards, mobile welding shops or professional welder shops. It offers a great portability experience because of the less weight and perfectly designed hooks.

Features of Everlast Powerarc 160sth :-

Small in Size & Less in Weight

This size of this machine is small and the weight is less. You can easily pick and transfer to anywhere and work on this anywhere with the help of a power source only. You can't judge its power just because of the small size. Despite less in size and weight, this is the powerful welding machine which you can use anywhere.

Works on a dual voltage of 120v/220v

Because of the dual voltage, this product can be used in both home and welding shops with full durability. For quick jobs, you can use 12v and for time consuming jobs you can use 220v feature. This welder provides efficiency upto 80-90% which is very good for the normal and heavy users.

Both HF start and Lift start are included

If you like to work without a pedal then lift start feature is good for you. A lift start starts engaging you while working on a job on the job’s surface. An HF start is perfect during bad weather or in an open area. A lot of people admire the ease of work with this welder.

Switching between ARC and TIG

This is the most convenient feature in Everlast Powerarc 160sth welding machine. With the help of this feature you can easily switch back and forth Stick(arc) welding and Torch(tig) welding. You can do work with full and fine detailing on aluminium to welding steel plates quickly.

IGBT Inverter supply

This welder supplies a stable and smooth arc as well as a hot and reliable start.

PROs :-

Sleek and Stable DC arc.

Low power consumption.

Hot start.

IGBT inverter.

35% at 160a.

Auto regulated start with pressure control.

Offers 120v/240v dual voltage.

Small size and less weight.

Adjustable flow manage.

Great build quality in less price.

Optional feet pedal.

ARC and TIG switching.

Digital display.


No AC output, works on DC only.

Gas Regulator Included (for newbies).

Not so powerful as compared to other big sized machines.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQ) :-

Can I Tig weld using the 110 volt option?

Ans- Yes. You can do low amp stuff on 110 volt option.

Does this set up come with a foot pedal?

Ans- Yes it does.

What amp breaker does this require for 220v?

Ans- 30 amp is required for 220v.

How much does the welder weigh without accessories?

Ans- No more than 15 lbs, its very light for a small welder.

Can this machine use a foot pedal? And does Everlast make a foot pedal for this machine?

Ans- Yes. It can take a foot pedal and everlast makes one.

The Everlast Powerarc 160sth is a perfect welder for those who want portability and power in a single unit. This provides a great efficiency with a clean and quick welding. This welder is good for both newcomers as well as professional welders. You can use it on backyard and welding shops according to the requirement. This offers good features in a low price which makes this a perfect portable welding machine in the market.

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