Esab Rebel EMP 215IC Review

Esab Rebel EMP 215IC Review

If you are searching for the best welding machine to start joining metallic parts in an efficient way, you should consider the Esab Rebel EMP 215IC. The Esab Rebel EMP 215IC is a multiprocessing machine that allows you to complete welding with MIG, more like the standard welding machines in the market. Moreover, the manufacturer offers it with Stick, TIG and Flux core. The additional features have differentiated the machine from those in the market.

The welding machine is highly portable and comes in a professional yellow color. Moreover, it is easier to carry around and features stronger uni-body appearance. The roll cage features five handles and it comes with IP23S rating, which means that you should not worry about susceptibility to bad weather conditions. You can run it from a 120V or 230V power supply easily. You can also work with the generator supply easily.

Why you should buy the Esab Rebel EMP 215IC

The Esab Rebel EMP 215IC features an sMIG EMP, which means that it is usable in 2 modes. The machine will work according to your skill or comfort level, a feature that makes most users to see it as a smart machine. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides a beginner or basic mode that requires easier setups. In other words, a beginner level welder will not worry about advanced arc requirements and will start working immediately. The second mode, meant for experienced welders, offers arc controls and it is ideal for tasks that require repeated welding.

Who is the Esab Rebel EMP 215IC designed for?

If you need a welding machine that will run continually without getting hot and one that will adapt to your welding technique, the Esab Rebel EMP 215IC is a great choice. The machine provides stable arc welds in addition to super repeated welds. If you are an experienced welder, you should expect increased productivity after purchasing the machine. And if you are a beginner in the welding world, the machine will reduce your training time. The welding machine is easier to move due to its lightweight.

The key features of the Esab Rebel EMP 215IC

The welding machine provides you with many excellent features that facilitate easier usage. Here are the main features to expect with the product:

  • A big TFT screen

The welding machine comes with an innovative large high-density display that will provide a clear view of your welding status. The 4.3 inches display will provide you with the user manual in addition to a list of spare parts – available in multi-language. The machine offers you the option of selecting your most preferred language, particularly if you do not understand English.

  • Multipurpose performance

A welding machine should provide you with more flexibility when welding. Most welding machine producers promote the goal but when the time of providing it come, they fail. But you should not worry about the Esab Rebel EMP 215IC, because it is a multipurpose welding machine for every welding process like Flux-corded, MIG, lift TIG and Stick. The complete package allows you to take stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. 

  • The sMIG welding

The sMIG feature means that the Esab Rebel EMP 215IC is a smart welding machine, which you can start using immediately after purchase. The product is available in two user modes – one for the beginner level welders and the other for experienced individuals. The ability to adapt to the right job will allow you to avoid mistakes like running the machine too cold or too hot. You can start the fast welding or use the sMIG feature to switch your welding projects faster.

  • Multiple metals welding

You can use the Esab Rebel EMP 215IC for aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and some other metals. Therefore, you will have the option of selecting various metals to weld depending on your needs. In other words, it allows you to weld metals that are close to you. 

  • Smart adaptation feature

You do not have to set up the welding machine each time you start a welding process. The machine remembers your welding technique. Therefore, when using the machine to do repetitive tasks, you will do it once and the machine will take off the other parts.


  • The machine will run for a long time without getting hot
  • It is an all-in-one welding machine that offers MIG, TIG, Flux-cored and sticks capabilities 
  • The starter mood and smart mood are ideal for the beginner level and experienced welders respectively
  • The smart big HD display will display your on-going welding process
  • Comes with adapter plugs with 120-volt and 230-volt
  • The smooth arc and the additional attachment will reduce the extra costs
  • The machine comes with a heavy-duty generator


  • The machine works perfectly with Direct Current – it is DC only
  • The gun’s plastic connector gets easily damaged during TIG welding
  • The cost is higher than that of other welding machines currently in the market


Q: where is the welder manufactured?

A: The manufacturer has manufacturing facilities in several countries in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. Therefore, it can be hard to say where this product is produced in.

Q: How is the voltage range?

A: Before buying the product, you will have to check whether the voltage is compatible with your wall socket or not. For example, if the voltage in your home is over 120V and below 230V, you should not go for the machine because it will have several risks.

Q: Does the product offer dual shield available?

A: Yes, the machine runs on the dual shield too.

Q: Will I need a spool when welding aluminum?

A: Yes. The welding machine is DC only, which means that you will require a spool for the aluminum to stick. 


The Esab Rebel EMP 215IC may come with several problems like high storage capacity and heavyweight, but the problems are not significant. Every welding machine in the market is somehow overweighed and you can, therefore, ignore such a problem. The most important thing is that the welding machine provides you with more than the typical features you expect on welding machines. The welding machine is a great choice for beginners and expert welders alike.  

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