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Types of welding rods

There are many types of welding rods. You should be in a position to differentiate the various types of welding rods available. Different rods have different strengths and weaknesses. In this article, you will get to know various types of welding rods and their features. Welding rods are available in two major categories- the┬áconsumable and […]

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How to become a certified welder

Welders are helpful in building the world. In the fields of car racing, construction, and manufacturing, welders employ their skills to fuse metals to proper strength and specifications. If you have an interest in learning techniques of becoming a welder, there are a few ways of building the skills needed for this job. Learning to […]

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Gifts for a welder

If you are a newbie to welding and you have the desire of buying your loved one a gift, it is probable that you will go shopping from the most current TIG welder shop or in a big stocking shop. Nevertheless, there are a few welding accessories that welders may need. Thankfully, the best gear […]

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How Much Does an Underwater Welder Make?

The individual that combines his skills of diving with welding is known as an underwater welder. In most cases, these individuals are offshore workers. The welders perform welding in environments that are hazardous. This welder utilizes different methods and equipment for welding. Drives for the welder are being used in performing various duties like nondestructive […]

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How to Become an Underwater Welder

If a little thrill and adventure is your employment idea, then your ideal job is being an underwater welder. This is among the highest paying jobs, but it is also very demanding. Many people confuse the requirements of this employment with scuba diving. Nevertheless, one requires being a certified underwater welder and certified commercial diver […]

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How Does Welding Work?

Welding is a process of fabrication where thermoplastics and metals get joined together to form a structure or an object. These materials are joined by melting the filler material like steel at the boundary points and the fuse them together. You can achieve this coalescence with major techniques like laser welding, arc welding, and gas […]

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