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Types of Welding Processes

Welding is the process of joining two pieces of thermoplastics or metal together.  The process involves the use of extreme heat and in other circumstances; it involves the addition of gases or metal in order for the two pieces to form a joint. The process of welding has tremendously evolved over the years and this […]

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How To Get A Welding Job

Introduction There are numerous welding jobs available especially in the manufacturing and construction industry. For instance, in the building of oil pipeline, the building of highways and bridges, etc. Since there is increasing developments around these areas, welders are always in demand. Skilled welders need the strategies to allow the potential employers spot and employ […]

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What is the Difference Between Mig and Tig Welding?

TIG and MIG welding are two types of arc welding, using an inert gas and metal electrode as a shield from oxidation at very high temperatures. Both welding types are easy to learn, and the process of welding can be carried on all common resources. What is the meaning of MIG welding? MIG in full […]

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50 cool welding project ideas

For experts and beginners alike, welding can be a great way of making money. A lot of people dream about turning their hobby into a thing that pays extra money; therefore, welding may be your way of making that dream to see the light. There are various difficulties when you want to make money from […]

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Underwater Welding Process and Gear Guide

The process of underwater welding defies logic. Can you imagine electricity flowing through water and leaving the welder unscathed? As you may guess, there is a lot to this. Below are some things to think about; Underwater welding functions in a similar way to topside welding, even though the environment is different. Underwater welders take […]

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How to weld aluminum with a stick welder?

There is an order of preferred methods of welding aluminum. The use of the stick welder is recognized because it provides high-quality results. MIG also works well on thick materials that have a smooth finish. It is rapid, and welds from MIG can equal quality coming from the stick weld, but that depends on a […]

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Difference between AC welding and DC welding

Welding is a process which involves joining two pieces of metal or plastic, and this is done by melting the pieces of metal. The heat produced provides a strong joint between the two joined pieces of metal or plastic. There are two popular types of current which are used in the welding process. These are […]

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Gases Used In Welding

Welding is the process of joining two pieces of materials such as thermoplastics or metal using high levels of heat. The melted parts are then left to cool in order to form a joint. Apart from electricity, there are gases which are often used in the welding process. Gases are often used with the aim […]

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How to use a stick welder

The stick welder is a tool you must have. Using one is a must-have skill for anybody that wants to do metal repair or fabrication. Stick welding is among the most heavyweight tasks for attaching metal parts permanently. These welders arrange in size from small AC welders and communal buzz boxes to expensive sets of […]

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How to use a MIG welder

MIG welding is a unique way of adding a professional touch to your projects. It has many applications practically; from home repair to auto work. The guide here will teach you how to use a MIG welder. Understanding MIG Welding Learn basics of MIG welding The procedure is gas metal arc welding, commonly called MIG […]

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