Best Welding Sleeves Review

​Welding is fun- of course, it is! But, it is also risky because it involves flames, gases, heat,and rays that could affect your health. As a smart welder, you need to have the right gear and equipment. Top on your priority list should be welding sleeves!

There may be a large variety of welding sleeves on the market, but; not all will serve your purpose. That’s why we compiled an extensive review of the best welding sleeves brands. We’ve also included a tutorial with the features and designs that will guide you into safety.

​Welding Sleeves Review

Lincoln Electric ​

lincoln electric welding sleeves

The Pros

Lincoln Electric welding sleeves boast being one of the most popular brands on the market. The pair of slip-on welding sleeves is built to protect you from the spatter and heat that results from the welding. Apart from the ‘big’ brand name, the sleeves have elastic cuffs at both ends. The elastic cuffs make them comfortable and fitting around your arms.  A fitting pair of sleeves is vital as it rids of the chances of slipping out and exposing the body to the welding flame.

The 9-ounce flame resistant material used in making the sleeves is just about the most crucial feature. The leather sleeves keep your arms safe- whether you are using gas or electric welders. Also, the material keeps your arms safe and dry from corrosive liquids and oils. It can also be a great winter gear as it would keep you warm during chilly weathers.

The other advantage of using this pair of sleeves is its size and lightweight nature. It is 21 inches long, which is long enough to cover the arms of an average adult. This means that it can protect the entire arm- from the wrist to the biceps area. Further, the material measures nine ounces per square yard only. The lightweight gear is comfortable, fitting and easy to use over a long period.

The cons

If you are about 6’, then the sleeves may leave a part of your arm exposed to the flame. In the same way, if you are less than 5’7”, then they may be too large for you.Lincoln Electric welding sleeves come only in one size,and this may put off people who are either taller or shorter than the described height.


If you have an ordinary men’s height – 5’9” to 6’4”, this is a 5-star pair of sleeves for you. However, it may not be good enough if you don’t belong to that category. If the size coincides with you, then the sleeves are a good buy!

weldas Mechanix Wear Heat Resistant Kevlar Heat Sleeves

This 4.5-star pair rightfully claims its place in our list. It is an 18-inch brown leather sleeve that will resist not only heat and sparks but also molten metal drops. Further, it keeps your arms safe from any scratches involved in welding or cutting metals. The leather sleeves also have elastic cuffs on their ends.

The Pros

Welding sleeves are comfortable for both men and women. They are fitting and look stylish for several users, especially those who are 5’2” to 5’8”. Plus, the golden brown color breaks the monotony and is quite aesthetic. The elastic cuffs at the end make it fitting and comfortable. It doesn’t slip out when in action.

Then, the sturdy golden brown leather design is not only elegant but also resistant. It will protect you from heat, abrasion and the workshop’s corrosive liquids. Leather would also shield you from minor accidental cuts.

Again, the sleeves are durable. The leather is sturdy and will not be damaged by the normal abrasion. The leather is more stringent than most materials, and this makes the Welding sleeves some of the best you can buy.

Finally, you can use these sleeves for a wide array of activities. For instance, you may use them for limb cutting, pruning or metal work.


They only measure 18 inches, and this may be too tight and small to wear for people who are bigger than 6 feet. Again, they lack the thumb hole which means you must rely on the elastic material- which may get faulty when used for long.


These welding sleeves may be small, and they lack the thumb notch. However, they are made of resistant and durable leather material. They are a blend of quality and affordability.

Mechanix Wear

If you are looking to buy full protection welding sleeves, then these might be what you need. The pair of sleeves measures 18 by 3 by 1 inch and weighs 3.04 ounces. The manufacturers of these black protectors offer a 90-day warranty for any defects.

The Pros

The 100% Kevlar construction is probably the most significant feature of these sleeves. It is the product of aknitting technology that resists heat that comes from the welding flame. Kevlar knits also keeps you safe from any CE level 2 cuts.

The Fibreshield treatment also fortifies the strength of these sleeves and makes them even more protective. Welding involves contact with fluids and oils that could easily harm your skin. Protect yourself by wearing Fibreshield treated gear. It resists the oils and fluids and thus prevents them from getting to your skin.

These sleeves come in pairs,and thus, you do not have to make separate purchases for your hands. Noteworthy, most sleeve brands come in a single unit,and this means you have to spend more money on another piece.

The other advantage of using the Mechanix Sleeves is the designated thumb holes feature. This improves how comfortable you can be wearing the sleeves. The thumbholes allow you to protect your entire wrist and part of your hand when welding. It also makes it easy to hold your tools.

Finally, the sleeves are easy to clean as they support laundry machine wash. They retain their shape after washing.

The cons

The sleeves may be a little scratchy on your skin, but; that’s precisely how Kevlar feels.They may be too tight and small for anyone whose arms is longer than 18 inches. The sellers do not offer an option for colour or size, and this may discourage you.


Buy the Mechanix Wear Heat Resistant Kevlar Heat Sleeves if you are a regular workshop worker who wants to protect himself from flames, liquids and scratches. It is a multipurpose pair that is worth being on the list of the top welding sleeves!

US Forge 99411 23-Inch Welders Sleeve

Get your arms protected from any sudden flame, UV light and sparks using the US Forge welding sleeves. The 23-inche and 9-ounce welder’s sleeves are made of cotton and have elastic ends. The washable 100% cotton is flame resistant and will shield you to molten splash and workshop liquids.

The Pros

This pair of welding sleeves is made from 100% flame retardant cotton Proban material. It protects you from the welding flame as well as any sparks or light molten splashes. It’s a crucial feature as it keeps you safe from any hazards related to the welding flame.

It is also washable – by hand or machine. The cotton material retains the sleeves shape even after you’ve washed it severally. Washing with warm water, however, may damage the elastic ends.

The elastic material at both ends of the unit makes it comfortable and fitting. It grips your arm to ensure that it doesn’t slip off in action. Further, the elastic material protects you from any exposure to the flame.

Also, if you are interested in colors, you may love these green sleeves. Noteworthy, the majority of sleeves are either brown or black. Plus, they are long enough to use in a T-shirt.

The Cons

These are some of the cheapest welding sleeves at the stores today, for the price, literally. The elastic material is likely to loosen after a few months of use.


US Forge is best  for a tight budget. It will serve you right, though not for long.

BSX Gear Revco

You can protect your arms from cut, abrasion or flames using this resistant pair of welding sleeves. It is a sturdy black double layer 18 inch Kevlar knit sleeve with thumb holes on the front end.

The Pros

Welding can be a risky activity if you do not have the right gear. BSX Gear Revco welding sleeves have a double layer which offers extra protection from welding flames, sparks and any molten splashes. The layer underneath fortifies the protection by keeping you warm and safe. Remember, abrasion and cuts only happen if you are wearing a weak gear. The double Kevlar layer forms a retardant construction rated at ANSI cut level 4.

Also, the welding sleeves are 18 inches long. This means they can comfortably fit on the average height (about 6 feet tall).

The sleeves come as a pair, and this is crucial to consider as the majority of sleeves on the market come as a single unit.

Ideally, welding sleeves should be both comfortable and fitting. They shouldn't slide off either. With the BSX Gear Revco sleeves thumb notch, your arms will not have contact with the flame or other hazards of the workshop.

The Cons                                                

For some people, the 18 inches is too small to protect the entire arm. Expressly, this is disappointing for people who are taller than 6 feet as they cannot weld in a T-shirt. They could also start stretching out after washing.


If you are looking to buy a pair of welding sleeves that is resistant enough to last for the first 3 to 6 months, we’d advise you take this one.

Best Welding Sleeves Buying Guide

best welding sleeves

The ideal pair of welding sleeves should be able to address the hazards associated with welding. Notably, welding is an exciting profession, but; it can also be risky. It involves joining pieces of metals using heat, pressure, or both. This makes it hazardous, and you should be equipped with the right sleeves.

Some of the hazards of welding include electric shock, toxic fumes, fire and flame as well as ultraviolet rays. All these can easily harm the welder’s eyes, skin and even internal organs.

Caution, therefore, needs to be taken to avoid injuries. One of the surest ways to avoid welding-related injuries is to wear the appropriate gear. This includes bibs, gloves, jackets, aprons glasses and sleeves among others.

It’s the arm that is closest to the danger. So, you should protect it with thick, high-quality welding sleeves. Find leather, denim, cotton or Kevlar sleeves as they are sturdy and heat resistance. Again, go for comfort and the ability to clean them.

In conclusion

It’s not easy to stress out the importance of wearing the right gear whenever you are welding. Although it is fun to join metal bars, it is also risky. The fumes, flames, sparks and light from the activity is harmful.

The arms are the most vulnerable, and this makes it necessary to have the best welding sleeves worn every time. Expressly, choose those made of denim, Kevlar, leather and cotton. These materials are comfortable and retardant to heat and abrasion. Check out our site for more reviews on welding prospective gear, will you?!

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