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There are two must have tools,a welder need to prosper in his welding career. The first one being a grinder and the next foremost tool is the hammer. Among the many other hammers, chipping hammer is a pretty wonderful innovation to remove welding slag and welding spatter from the welds. They are typically used to remove the rust and scale from metal surfaces.

Perhaps buying the best welding chipping hammer is quite a daunting task since there are many choices available in the market.  When you are looking to buy a chipping hammers, there are few aspects to be considered like the types, the size (in fact this is one of the critical aspect and purely depends on the requirement), vibration level (hammers which are lower in vibration are generally preferable) and efficiency.

Recommended Product Reviews

​Estwing E3-WC

Estwing E3-WC

This is one of the most durable and long lasting welding hammer available in the market. Perhaps the most outstanding chipping hammers for the welders. They are very effective in removing welding spatter in all welding processes.

Estwing E3-WC Chipping Hammer is molded with shock reduction grip, which acts as a main reason for providing the extreme comfort and durability.


The Estwing welding/chipping hammer weighs about 567g, so welder will not feel the weight unlike other conventional heavier hammers..

People who work in the field or industrial workshops often look for tools that are much handy and have the best quality performance. For such welders, Estwing E3-WC Chipping Hammer is indeed a boon with excellent point. They are well balanced with the perfect weight.

With Estwing welding/chipping hammer, your job will be done much early than expected saving time and energy. Time is money for businesses. Since the tool has been engineered very well, it makes chipping fairly easy. Best of all about the tool is, it is manufactured in USA. So there are hardly less chances that anything can go wrong with the product. Some of the unique feature of Estwing E3-WC Chipping Hammer

  • Durability
  • Multifaceted – Cleaning and Removing slag
  • Designed specifically for the professionals
  • Low vibration control
  • Finest make of USA
Pit Bull CHIH058

Pit Bull CHIH058 Chipping Hammer, Welding Cleasning Tool, Hand Tool is a welding and chipping hammer which finds its potential use in cleaning and removing slag from all welds. The Pit bull hammer appears like a cone shaped nose that is very sharp in their edges. It has a dual beveled tail. One of the unique hammer for welding and chipping because of its features.

The hammer is attached with a helical barrel spring handle which makes it easier to hang it from a peg board or nail. Not all welders look for expensive chipping hammers, they try to crosscut when it comes to purchasing the tools. However they still look for a perfect hammer that fits their budget.

Pit Bull CHIH058 Chipping Hammer is a perfect choice for welders who are hunting for low budget tool with relatively good performance. Apparently Pitbull chipping and welding hammer is a wonderful choice for cheap hammer with good quality.

At the same time, maintenance of Pit bull chipping hammer is fairly easy. A decent paint finish will protect the tool from rusting and making it available for use on a long period of time.


  • The weight of the tool is approximately 13.6 ounces. From outside the pack it looks almost like a novelty item. Very portable and handy tool effective for welding cleasning.
  • Featured with a hanging hook so it is easy to hang anywhere on the nail
  • Flattened and dual beveled tail.
US Forge

US Forge Welding Economy Chipping Hammer is one of the best tool that last for a many years to come. The feature of its hardened steel makes it more durable. Perhaps a cute creation for kicking the rust from the metal surfaces.

Welding is a quite intimidating job and turns awry when you don’t have the right tool that provide the perfect finish you desire. In fact, the welder job comes to a standstill if he doesn’t possess the appropriate tool having versatile qualities.


  • Durability – From chipping to cleaning, US Forge welding hammer handle various tasks in a range of environmental conditions. So, this brand of hammer is made of hardened steel based on précised controlled temperatures that makes it highly durable.
  • Shock absorbent handles – Manufactures are offering more options when engineering a chipping hammer. It is designed with spring handle that acts as an excellent shock absorber and minimize the vibration and strains felt by the user during cleaning and chipping
  • Heads have chisel on one side of the US Forge hammer and point on the other to get into tight spots. This construction is very good and very portable besides providing the strongest performance.

When you want to ensure safety and looking for a tool that lasts for a lifetime. US Forge Welding Economy Chipping Hammer is rather a good choice.

Atlas Long-Nek Tomahawk

Are you a welder looking to hold the edge then you have come to the right place? Atlas Long-Nek Tomahawk Chipping Hammer  offers 50 percent greater handle support and provide the user with the best experience of working over an edge.

The black coating on the hammer head provides a different look from its body which is in the typical wood color finish. In the recent ages, people are fed up with the conventional coil handled hammers. Atlas long-nek chipping hammer is indeed a wonderful tool to serve your needs.

They are really perfect for all kinds of structural welding. When you are looking for some replacement or buying a new tool, Atlas Long-Nek Tomahawk is pretty good option that has a higher quality and long life.


This is made of Mill certified forging grade steel. Provides high level of durability thereby providing long life.

  • This is a product of USA made with superior quality to get the job done better than any other tools.
  • A slightly heavier tool weighs about 1.4 pounds. Although it weighs a little higher than other chipping tools yet it offers a solid grip for the users.
  • The handle support of Atlas long-nek chipping hammer is really exceptional. The user will not have the feel of slipping the object.
  • Wooden handles suffer less vibration than the metal handles. Atlas long-nek chipping hammer are engineered with hickory handles that considerably reduces the chances of splintering. Perhaps providing the greatest grip thereby avoiding the possibilities of slippage and breaking of the tool.
Vaughan WC12

When you are looking for some chipping hammer that should be worth for your money, Vaughan WC12 is obviously a good choice. This allows you to clean and remove the slag from the welds. Vaughan welder’s chipping hammer has 2 different ends. While one end has a blade, the other end has a sharpened point to perform the chipping process.

The Vaughan chipping hammer is engineered with hickory handle head. It is heat treated for longer use and to produce reduced impact while striking against a metal surface. Customers provides a very good rating for this product.


  • Rust resistant powder coat finish - They are mainly used for removal of heavy rust, hard rust and to clean the surface free from all residues. However due to various environmental conditions, rust often cost damage to the chipping tools. Apparently Vaughan Welder’s Chipping hammer is engineered with rust resistant powder coat finish
  • Durability – When chipping hammer doesn’t have durability, it becomes a potentially dangerous tool. However, Vaughan WC12 is ideal for construction and demolition. They are very durable and provides a long life and a best user experience.

Vaughan WC12 is an ideal chipping hammer wedged with tapered adze eye and sharp point for chipping. Besides the ergonomic flame treated hickory handle ensures longevity.

How to choose the best welding chipping hammer

best welding chipping hammer

Choosing a chipping hammer for your next welding project or construction job needs some serious considerations. Since there are plenty of recommended chipping hammers, choosing the best one is quite intimidating. Apparently when you make the right comparison between the products, you can obviously make a well informed decision. Let us look about each of their aspect in detail

  • ​Welder’s chipping hammer will have the perfect versatile feature – The quality of the hammer depends on performance, durability and operability. This is the three main rules of versatility. Chipping hammers are light weight tools used to remove rust from metal surfaces. So while choosing the ​chipping hammer ensures that it offers the best results when it comes to flexibility.
  • Choosing the best bit- Find the right size is very important while deciding on the chipping hammer. It purely depends on the scale of the job and its types you are generally handling. When your job type is relatively smaller, you can go for a tool which has minimal feature and worth for its money. However in the case of larger operations, chipping hammers with high end features are usually recommended to avoid damages.

Furthermore, when the surface is hard to tackle, try to use the tool that has the unique shape to get the best performance

  • Vibration Control – Chipping hammers with blunt or damaged edges cause more vibration to the operator’s hand. However many manufacturers mainly focuses on this aspect and deliver tool that has reduced vibration control. In fact, higher vibration causes extensive impact on the neighborhood annoying them.
  • Handles – Handles are the ones that provides maximum comfort and provide reduced impact during vibration. If your hammer has splitting, they cannot provide the desired performance. Welder’s chipping hammer with coiled spring handles helps absorb shock while chipping. Hence while choosing the best welder’ chipping hammer, ensure it has the highest quality handle for shock resistant and to provide a better experience on the user’s hand.

To sum it up

When it comes to drilling or demolition of concrete objects, the welders require an array of tools to accomplish their task. Chipping hammers are powerful tools often used for the removal of rust and to clean the surfaces free from all kinds of residues. They are used in varied construction related projects for drilling holes and to remove excess metals.

However choosing the right welder’s chipping hammer is very important. With the above mentioned comparison table, you will get better perspective about the various chipping hammers and that will help to make you a well-informed decision.

With the available information, make the right decision and make your work easier with the best welding chipping hammer.

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