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If you love sheet metal work and do it as a hobby, you need to know that there are certain tools that you can use at home that will make your job more fun. If you are a professional welder, then it is necessary that you own a welder for sheet metal.

Fortunately, when you are out looking for the best welder for sheet metal, you will be spoilt for choice. There are numerous brands and models to choose from. This is both a blessing and a curse. It means that you will find a variety of options to think about. However, this also means you need to be careful so that you make the right purchasing choice. This review will make it easier for you to find the right welder.

​Sheet Metal Welder Reviews

Lincoln Electric K2185-1​

Lincoln electric k2185-1 welder for sheet metal

When you are facing minor home repairs, you don’t need to invest in a commercial welding machine. Instead, all you need is to get your hands on this Lincoln electric k2185-1 handy welder for outstanding performance.  It has a lightweight design that makes it great for home use. With a continuous electrical cord of 8ft, you are sure that it will give you flexibility in all your welding hustles.

Unlike the other welding machines, the handy welder keeps the wire electrically cold for user’s safety until you press the trigger. Therefore, even if it's connected to the house, you are sure that it will keep everyone safe. In other words, you will not have to contain your people in a small room to prevent accidents from happening.

The pack comes ready to use with gas nozzle, welding gun and cable assembly, gas regulator, gasless nozzle for flux-cored welding, work cable with clamp, and hose for MIG welding. Therefore, once you unpack this handy welding gadget, you will start putting it into practice directly. However, for added user protection, you may be forced to purchase a welding hand shield, chipping hammer, and contact tips separately.

However, its lightweight construction style makes it super easy to use and transport from one job location to the other. Therefore, you will not have to spend more money trying to get it from one site to the other. It also features an impressive finish style with durable material construction to guarantees longevity.

Goplus mig 130

You don’t have to wait until you get your welding jobs to the welder while you can get the job done right in your house. Goplus MIG 130 is specifically designed to ensure you can weld on anything from the comfort of your home.

It has a multifunctional control panel that provides you with four levels of current flow settings. Therefore, you can adjust your heat to meet the expectations of your welding material. Additionally, it features an adjustable wire feeding speed rotary knob with at least ten levels of wire speed.

It also comes with a small storage space to ensure that you can store small accessories after completing the job. Therefore, it will not keep your house disarranged before or after completing the task. The storage is at the top, which guarantees that all your accessories will be safe and not at risk of falling out when you move the gadget.

Unlike other electric devices, it has an overheat protective circuit for safety during operations. It also features two air-vent to help in the dissipation of heat hence keeping the machine cool even when running for an extended period.

What makes this welding machine the best investment for any welding enthusiast person is its stainless steel body. This guarantees that it will serve you for long and will not attract rust/corrosion like other metal tools will do. Additionally, it is convenient for welding steel, and it comes ready for work right from the box.

Hobart 500554001

When working on a budget and limited storage space, Hobart handler 190 with spool runner is the best choice. It has the spool gun circuitry preinstalled hence you don’t have to buy an extra kit or controls to get the machine working. However, it has an optional direct plug-in spool runner 100 spools to eliminate the aluminum wire feeding problems. It can also be used with stainless steel or mild wire for maximum user’s flexibility.

When it comes to feeding power, this machine features a 7-position voltage switch and wire feed speed. This guarantees to create a welding arc that perfectly matches metal thickness.

Unlike other welding machines, Hobart handler 190 offers you smooth operations with minimal post-weld clean-up. Therefore, you can comfortably use it in the house and still maintain a spotless place all through. Additionally, although it is a compact machine for home use, it does not limit your welding experiences. The device allows you to weld through materials as thick as 5/16 inch and as thin as 24 gauge. It offers an output range of approximately 25 to 190 amps, which makes it suitable for any job that comes your way.

It operates on a 230v power socket, which ensures it does not consume a lot of electric power as well as making it safe for use within residential premises. The machine also has a long power cable to ensure you can cover a wide range without moving the device.

Lotos mig 175

Durability and reliability is a key consideration when it comes to investing in long term products. Therefore, if you commit to investing in LOTOS MIG welder, that is what you get a durable and reliable product that will serve you for generations.

When you get this machine, it will only take less than 10 minutes to set it up and get it working. It does not require an additional power source as it connects perfectly on your 220V wall outlet sockets. Additionally, the machine comes ready for business with spool gun included in the box.

LOTOS is suitable for welding various metal materials and does not limit you in any way. Whether you weld on stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel, nothing is off-limits here. Additionally, it can weld through thick and thin material without having to strain the machine or consume excess power.

It has a compact construction design that makes it suitable for all time use. The design also features lightweight construction for easy transportation from one job site to the other. Therefore, it helps you feel comfortable to take on welding jobs that are not within your location and still feel comfortable dealing with the job.

The machine is quite versatile and easy to use with all the details available for smooth operations. Therefore, whether you are a professional welder or you love taking care of things in the house, it will get you started.

Forney 309 140-amp

Forney 309 140-Amp MIG welder is designed for greatness and its all you need to introduce a spark of quality in your work. This machine is specifically designed for small repair, farms, and automotive welding use. Therefore, it guarantees that you don’t have to feel terrified when you need to do some minor welding while at home.

Forney is the best welder for automotive sheet metal and It is a multi-step transformer based machine with four taps to ensure that you get exceptional performance. It has been upgrade from the previous Forney welder to ensure that you not only get quality but it’s also durable. It’s designed using high-end materials to withstand all the daily tear and wear.

Although it’s a home use machine, it still operates on high amps to guarantee that you can weld on heavy metal materials too. Therefore, you will not be limited on anything while welding through different materials.

Additionally, it comes ready for service right from the box. It comes with a divided warranty on replacement within five years. This guarantees that you are comfortable while using it on any adventures. The warranty covers on parts and labor to give you confidence of service under all circumstances.

Additionally, it has a lightweight design for easy transportation from one job site to the other. This makes it super convenient for people who love welding but working on a low budget. Its all you need to get your welding expectations observed and train you for a bigger welding project.

How to Choose the best sheet metal welder

best welder for sheet metal

There are several things you need to consider when buying the best welder. This will ensure that the welder helps you to achieve your goals. The last thing you want is to spend money on a gadget that will only last a couple of weeks. A good welder should last at least four years of consistent use.


The first thing you need to consider is the thickness of the metal sheets you will be working on. Different metals have different properties and thus are of varying thickness. Therefore if you often work on hardened metals, you will need to buy a welder that is strong enough to cut without damaging its blades or the metal sheets. Stainless steel, for instance, is compatible with TIG or MIG welding machines. But, it does not have the strength to cut through most metals as would a carbon steel blade.  Aluminum welds need you to get stronger MIG machines.

Ensure That It Has Multiple Amperage Settings

While numerous metal sheet welders do a great job, one with a good amperage setting is ideal for most of the tasks.  This is mainly because to be cut with precision; different metals need a different amount of heat.  For instance, you need to ensure that you check the amperage setting so that it allows you to cut through various metals. The more choices you have, the more metal types you can work on, the better.

Compressed Gas

Different gasses are involved in the welding process. The two most commonly used gasses are argon and Helium, which are sometimes used in 100% pure form. However, in some cases, they are blended with semi-inert gases like nitrogen or carbon dioxide hydrogen. This blending makes them better for certain welding types of metals. When choosing a good welder, you must consider the compressed gases it used. Some do not need these compressed gas sources.

Welding Location

Where do you mostly do your welding from? This is a question that you need to answer faster.  If you are welding indoors in your garage, you want a machine that can operate perfectly when connected to a 220-2240 volts AC supply. 115 volts is perfect for a device that will be operated indoors. This may also be great for some commercial uses.


To narrow down the search even further, you must think about the price range. How much are you willing to spend on the right welder? Remember that cheap is not always expensive. Some great companies are providing good models, and you have to find those. You do not need to pay exorbitant prices to find the best welder for your needs. Make sure you thoroughly go through customer reviews to ensure that you find the one that is right for your needs.


Whether you are buying online or at a brick and mortar store, you must make sure that you do thorough research, so you do not end up wasting your money on the wrong welding tool. With information comes power. Thus, your purchase will be much better if you are informed of all the facts. The tips in this article allow you to understand what your needs are and how best you can satisfy them with your purchase. The models reviewed here are also some of the best models and thus great options for you to consider.

Meta description: Choosing the best welder for metal sheets is something that you will need to think long and hard about. A good one will be the perfect addition to your tool collection.

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