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In this extensive guide, we will rate and review the best welder for exhaust pipe. The guide separates exhaust pipes by price point and feature set to help you find the best welder.

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Using the best welder for exhaust pipe and performing the welding process by self can save a lot of money. The process of welding exhaust pipes can be simplified using the welding machines available worldwide at reasonable costs. Welding is not at all a complicated process. The basic needs for using a welding machine are to follow a set of precise instruction and pure concentration while performing the welding. One needs to be well accustomed with the basic knowledge of working of the welder machine. With the utmost proficiency and knowledge, one can use the welder in the best way to fix the exhaust systems. The welding must always be done away from any vehicle to avoid unwanted situations due to the presence of flammable products.

Recommend​​​​ed ​​​​Product Reviews

​Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder

best welder for exhaust pipe

The durability along with the quality of the welder from Hobart is never a compromise. Handler 140 MIG Welder is one of its kinds and is in high demand. The welder operates on a standard household current of 115V. The design of the welder is very versatile which makes it perfect for the welding needs. One can smoothly use the equipment for repairing household products, working on automotive, and various art and farm projects. The welder comes with a tapped voltage control selector which can be adjusted in five positions. This gives the user the most excellent tune with its arc and a stabilized and smooth arc covering in irrespective of the thickness. The welder is constructed using the cast aluminum system for an operation that is of the industrial grade to enable it for heavy-duty industrial performance.

The gun is 10ft. Long which eases the comfort level along with 10 feet clamped working cable. The product contains a regulator of dual-gauge with an inbuilt gas hose and gas solenoid valve. The hub spool can accommodate four to eight inches spools easily.

The welder can be effectively used for farm, home, ranch, and all kinds of projects related to fabrication. This can be used for smokers, bracket grills, mower decks, firewood racks, and fences. Metal furniture, and sign machinery welding. The welding machine gives a brilliant performance for an arc due to its casting using a cast aluminum system of wire drive. It is a light-weight system weighing only fifty-seven pounds and has more comfortable control options with the quick select drive roll and five position voltage controllers. The users can quickly change the polarity, and the sloped panel eases the control. The welder is self-resetting against thermal overload.

The welder performs with ease on arcs of all thickness with greater smoothness and stability. The wide feed is professional and durable regarding performance. The setup is relatively easy and quick with three groove system. The solid and tubular polarity can be easily changed along with the more natural user adjustments interface.


LOTOS TIG200 is a compact welder that operates on the dual-voltage mechanism. The welder is versatile and provides the operator with a wide array of controlling options through which the welder machine can be set for functioning. The welder can effectively deliver the best performance under a varied range of conditions and as the situation demands. The operation is smoothened with the help of its in-built square-wave inverter and mainly becomes the most accurate for the most exquisite quality welding of aluminum. The mechanism in the welder allows the user to switch quickly from 220 V to 110 V using the adapter plug. This helps in the production of AC/DC 200 amperage for the welder machine. The welder is highly affordable and can be self-taught and used to get the industrial grade performance delivered.

The welder comes with a square wave inverter 200 AC/DC; i.e., MMA stick welder. The operation is based on the dual voltage of 110/220 V and dual frequency of 50/60Hz with the auto-mode through pigtail. The welder has an HF torch control with HF start and heat controlled welding through a foot pedal. The welder is suitable for operation on aluminum, mild steel, welding steel, and several other related materials with a capacity of 9.5mm;i.e., 3/8 inches. This welder machine suits the best for small-scale, industrial and home processing. Now small jobs of welding like fixing a metal table or a bicycle can be done quickly without the help of professionals. The welder provides the user with ease of use at the most reasonable and affordable price range.

Hobart 500554001 Handler

The Hobart Handler 190 is a wire feed welder that acts as one of the most exceptional pairs for small welding jobs. It comes with a 150 amperage spool gun which is ten feet long through which powerful welding process is possible. The Hobart Handler 190 is powerful and comes with the portable flux core of wire-feed. It operates well for welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and flux core. The parameters for operation helps in welding steel in one pass of 24 GA. to 5/16 inches. This welder serves to be the ultimate choice for auto part welders, household repairers, and also for the more massive farm projects that need an added touch of power. The welder comes with a standard set of features such as seven settings for the output voltage and a drive roll with quick change technology which is dual-groove. The welder is equally compelling as it is versatile.

The welders stand the utmost quality and regarding durability ready for the industrial performance processing. The ease of setting and adjusting nature of the welder for different types of materials with vary thickness has increased its demand and sales at the same time. It has a spool gun that can be optionally used for better performance wherever needed. The spool gun readily welds aluminum casted materials. The spool gun can be directly plugged and used to resolve the issues for feeding that generally occurs for the aluminum materials and welding of aluminum wire. There is no need of connecting an additional control adapter or box for the operation. The performance of the spool gun switching has become more comfortable with the selector switch controls.

The welder is very easy to set up and work on as it can be easily assembled in a few minutes and start working. A manual is provided with the product that can direct the users to perform the welding operation in the best possible manner. For the projects of welding that need additional power, the Handler 190 performs well for the exhaust systems, automotive body frames, trailer frames, mower decks, tool carts, hitches, garden and lawn equipment, farm machineries, metal objects, fences, and similar other welding projects that can be done by an individual without any professional help.

How to choose the best welder for exhaust pipe?

There is rising popularity of welding jobs in the present era; the self-use welders are gaining prominence in today’s society compared to earlier times due to their compact shape and ease of use. With several welder products in the marketplace, it has become convenient and comfortable for the users to get the welding jobs done in the most precise and professional manner to get a quality end-product. The machines have benefited many individuals to do the welding jobs by themselves without professional support and having to spend massive money on the same.

The welding machines are easy to learn and can be utilized to weld thick materials of steel, aluminum, and many other similar metals that need fixation. The welding can be done using both electric arc and electrodes. There were several welders introduced that used wire feed rather than an electrode. This made it more accessible and convenient. The spool gun is an additional technology in many such welders that can be effectively used to overcome the feeding issues, especially for the aluminum welding jobs. The welders that have this technology usually generate lesser heat which in return causes a minimum amount of distortion to the metals. The minor distortion actively helps in the welding of thin materials for the auto body parts. The wire-feed mechanism works easily by just pulling the trigger on the welding gun. This can simultaneously be accomplished with the help of solid wire, gas, and flux core wire. The flux core materials must only be chosen for the thick material welding and where the clean and smooth welding is not necessary. For finer welding jobs, the solid wire welding and gas can perform the task without flaws. Generally, for the materials like aluminum and stainless steel, gas like CO2 and argon is used. It must always be ensured that a wire of proper shape and diameter is used regarding the welding jobs to give it the most proficient touch.

The popularity of a welder dramatically depends on its mode of operation, ease of usability, and low cost. The ones that have all the three possibilities together can be used as the most proficient and effective welders for a small-scale operation.

The welders that work on the principle of welding the material by meting it from either way is the best-suited ones to give the welding a stronger grip and better stability. These are the most demanded one but the operation is a bit complex and needs to be well understood before performing the welding jobs through these welding machines. The variety if welders providing finer welds are generally used for the thin sheets of metal, whereas, the ones producing more robust welds are typically used for the thick leaves where the fine quality is not a basic and requirement.


With the range mentioned above of the best welders available in the marketplace, one can easily choose the products to ease their welding processes. The models enable great welding jobs on a small scale and can be selected from a wide range that suits the best according to the desired application. The budget is also a concern that can be tallied accordingly and purchased as per the possible affordability of the users.

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