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A welder is an essential machine that is needed by individuals that want to learn to weld either as a hobby or profession. Whichever level you find yourself, a welder is an indispensable machine. Without it, there is no way you can weld.

As a beginner with welding, don’t make the mistake of handling advanced welder with the thought you could easily find your way around it. It is not the right thing for you to do. Therefore, it is advisable that you start with a beginner welder machine.

You can after that advance to using professional welder machine as you improve in welding skills. In place of that, there are some quality products you can consider as a beginner if you are in need of a welder for your welding projects.

Best mig welder for beginners



The Goplus MIG 130 Welder comes with a single machine, welding gun, weld mask, brush and welding wire all in one package to meet your welding needs. If you need a versatile welder for your household welding task and some time for industrial use, the Goplus MIG 130 Welder fit rightly in the box.

The construction of the welder incorporates stainless steel frame and plastic handle to make it easier to transport the welder from one working site to another. The operation of the welder gives your welding work a professional finish.

You will be dealing with a compact and durable MIG gas welder that is equipped with features that turn welding work into a soft work for you. The level at which it boosts your welding performance and productivity is second to none, which is the reason for its popularity in the market.

For flux cored wired welding process, the welder requires no gas as all that is needed is the flux core wire. The welding process produces self-release metal inert gas which helps to limit the chances of oxidation to the welded part and reduce contamination.

The design and the construction of the welder make it portable and versatile. The welder is ideal for welding steel, the iron of different thickness level.  The welder has four different welding speeds that are adjustable. You can choose the welding speed that suits your kind of welding work.

The welder has two air vents inside the machine which help to get rid of heat production and keep the welder in good condition for as long you choose to use it. The welding gun comes with easy to use control with thermal safety protection system to keep the user safe when welding.

With the availability of the protection mask, brush and chipping hammer, you are set to go. The welder with 13.4" x 7.3"x 11.4" dimension has fifteen percent duty cycle which means it tends to get hot but thanks to the air vent which help to counterbalance the heat production.


On arrival of the Hobart 500559 handler, you get to see a 10ft. MIG gun with liner, Handler 140 with built-in gas valve, gas hose and dual gauge regulator, 10ft. Power cord, Samples spool of .030 flux cored wire, 10ft. Cable and clamp, instructional manual for users and 8-inch spool adapter.

The installation of the welder is easy to do but can be quite challenging for beginners. Due to that, it comes with an easy to use guide to help you go through the installation without hassles. The welder is very easy to use for any welders.

It is straightforward to use either for MIG or flux cored wire process. Novice can find their way around the welder and get a great result with their welding project. The welder can conveniently weld up to 24 gauges of ¼ inches in mild steel thickness. For MIG welding, it is compatible with iron, copper, brass, magnesium alloys and titanium.

But with Flux cored wire welding, it is compatible with aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, magnesium alloys, and Titanium. The welder has feed speed range of 40 - 700 IPM. 50 - 740 IPM at no load and it has five voltage positions control selector to help you get a smooth and stable arch while welding metals of different thickness level.

The welder which weighs 57 lbs can be carried from one place to another using the handle that is integrated into its design. It boasts of the industrial cast aluminum wire drive system which makes it ideal for all kind of DIY welding work, and it has twenty percent duty cycle to help you regulate the heat production in the welder as it cools down.


Are you considering trying your skills with wire handling welding and you don’t know the type of welder to start with? The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is the right choice for you. Lincoln is well known for producing quality welding accessories which makes them one of the frontiers in the industry.

The welder is made in the USA, and it is equipped with quality features to ensure you get satisfied with its operation on all kind of welding materials. It can weld up to about 1/8 inch mild steel. It is perfect for both MIG and flux cored wire welding. But for MIG welding, you have to get the shielding gas separately as it doesn’t come with the package.

For the welder to work optimally, it needs a power supply of 115V of 20 AMP outlets. With a year warranty, you can always rely on the welder to serve you for an extended period. The warranty is subject to change, and you are advised to check whenever you intend to buy.

Also, you can always return to get a new one based on manufacturers defects within the one year given. The welder is user-friendly and environmentally friendly. It is ideal for all novice or beginner welders who want to learn or improve in their welding skills.

The welder commands four voltage settings and constant wire feed speed adjustment which gives you the platform to weld mild steel from the range of 24 gauge of 1/8 inch thickness level.  For MIG welding, you can do that easily as all that is needed comes with the package such as the spool of solid wire, gun and cable assembly, gas nozzle, work cable and clamp, gas regulator and hose, contact tips, filter plate and lens with hand shield. Also, you can use the welder for flux cored wire welding.


If you are in search of a MIG welder for its price, the Forney Easy Weld 29901 is the best for you to consider. It is the only welder for beginners that I've ever seen to come with a complete package all to ensure that you get the best experience and enjoy every welding projects.

Although it comes in three different packs, this particular product is the complete startup kit which makes it ideal for all that loves DIY welding work at home. It is suitable for MIG and flux cored wire welding process.

It comes with a sleek and stylish design which makes it attractive and pleasing to the eye not to talk about the features. The welder comes with added features such as shell and headgear to protect the head from spatter and fire spouts while welding.

Also, it comes with hand gloves to help you keep the hand safe and secured from heat and direct contact with the gas produced during welding. It requires a power supply of 120 V and 125 A outputs for it to work very well. Welding with the welder is made comfortable irrespective of the kind of metal and thickness level you want to weld.

The outcome of welding with the welder is outstanding as it gives a professional look appearance whenever you weld. It is portable and light-weighted to move from one place to another without hassles. All that is needed for you to have a smooth operation with the welder is included in the package without leaving out the instructional manual.

Best tig welder for beginners

AHP AlphaTIG 200X


The next on our list is a TIG welder known as 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X. It comes with advanced features to the previous models as it comes with 200hrtz on pulse freq and ac freq and new torch for you to have a wonderful experience while using the welder machine.

If you are interested in doing all kind of welding related to TIG, this particular product is one of the best to consider. The welder comes with easy to understand control system with a bright digital display for you to be in full control of the welder machine.

The welder machine can weld ¼ inch aluminum and mild steel of 3/8 inches in thickness using a dual power supply of 110 V or 220 V. It is most welders’ choice considering it can weld 7018 and 6013 without glitches. The design or construction of the welder incorporates IGBT technology with advanced inverter technology to ensure it works optimally on all kind of metals.

For smooth weld area on the rough and dirty surface materials, you can always rely on 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X to do the work for you. The control system has high frequency start TIG as well as a foot pedal which helps to give excellent welding performance.

The features it has to make it appear as though it is only aimed at professionals, but its simple mode of operation makes it an ideal machine for beginners to use without much difficulty. The construction of the welder gives users the opportunity to try all kind of skills when welding.

With the Plastic handle, you can quickly move the welder from one working site to another. With the instructional manual, you can read and find the easiest way for you to handle the welder even if you are a novice and it’s your first time with it. Installation is straightforward, and the control system is easier to use.


You should always consider any of Everlast products if you ever need a low power consuming welder for your welding work. The 2017 EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH isn’t an exception to that as it consumes little power with thirty-five percent duty cycle capacity.

The 2017 EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH welder is a versatile and powerful welder machine that can turn welding work into fun and excitement for you. Its design and materials used in the construction make it lightweight and portable for anyone to handle.

If you are in search of a user-friendly welder that can be used for all kind of DIY working at home and at work, you should consider the 2017 EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH. It is compact and can even be used in tight areas for welding projects.

Moving the welder from one place to another is easier to do using the carrying strap. The operating system of the welder has HF and Lift start TIG feature and with the digital display on the welder machine, controlling and operating it is much easier for novice and professionals.

It operates on a dual voltage of 120 to 240 V with the amperage of 160A. The welder has a hot start system which means you don’t need to consume more energy and power before you start welding. It comes almost fully assembled and ready for use.

Also, it has DINSE style connectors to make the connection of the welder easier to do for anyone. The installation is straightforward, and its operation eliminates all chances of electrode sticking. It comes with five years warranty which is subject to change and 30 days money back if the welder develops any manufacturer fault within 30 days.


Welding is made more comfortable with the use of the Amico 200 Amp TIG Torch welder. The welder is aimed at those who have to weld using TIG process. Every of Amico welder machine or welding accessories are known to be made of quality materials and the Amico 200 Amp TIG Torch is included.

The welder is powerfully made from durable and quality materials. The construction meets with the standard of every TIG welder in the market. It has a sleek design, compact, portable and lightweight to be transported from one working site to another.

Saying it is a powerful welder is not an understatement as it is equipped with all that it required to effortlessly weld ½ inch thick stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, chrome, mild steel, and cast iron. If you are searching for a TIG welder for aluminum material, it isn’t the right choice for you.

When it comes to getting your quality welding arc, the welder machine can be trusted. It can be also be used for stick welding process. The control of the welder is straightforward. It has voltage control, the duty cycle of sixty percent which means you can use the welder for a more extended period without any fear of overloading or overheating.

The welder machine limits the production of spatter and to clean up the machine after use is easier to do. It gives a perfect welding experience that most welders crave for. A professional touch is all that you get with the welder in all welding areas which makes it an ideal choice for beginners who need a welder to enhance their performance.

Also, Amico didn’t just send the welder into the market for sale without proper testing. Each of their products especially this particular product was tested in the USA and was then released when it meets with the standard of the best TIG welders. It commands dual voltage and comes with all that is needed to work well such as TIG torch & cable 13 feet, work clamp and 10ft. 300A cable with electrode holder & 10 ft. 300A cable.

Best stick welder for beginners

Campbell Arc Stick Welder


One of the stick welders for beginners to consider is the Campbell Arc Stick Welder. The welder is a powerful welder that is designed to give every user the best welding experience they ever crave for. Its design is compact, durable and versatile which makes it quite difficult to resist for users.

The installation and the use of the welder are straightforward with the help of the instructional manual. One of the advantages of the welder is that it is cheap and affordable yet can provide all that expensive stick welders can offer.

It is ideal for those who have bulk welding project to do because it helps to weld faster with a quality result. The welder comes with 10 rods of 1/16 inch in thickness, and it uses a standard 15 amp to 20 amp power outlets to work correctly. It gives low gas production when in operation and it limits chances of getting injured with fire spatter.

The welder machine can work conveniently on mild stainless steel of 18 gauges with 1/8 inch thickness using 115v current. The Campbell Arc Stick Welder doesn’t take time to understand especially for beginners. Its operation is topnotch as it also comes with twenty percent duty cycle to help keep the welder in good condition.

Its construction integrates thermal overload protection which helps to prevent the welder machine from overloading and overheating. With the incorporation of the transformer, you can be assured of smooth operation with a smooth arc. Also, the handle that comes with it is firm to help you move the welder machine around.


The last on our list fall under the stick welder process type, and it’s called Blue Demon BLUEARC-90STI. It is an inverter style welder, and it can work with TIG welding, but it is mainly designed for Stick welding. The design of the welder is simple and its operation as well. Beginners can easily control the welder with the control button that comes with it.

With the instructional manual, the user can find their way around the welder before operating it. The welder needs a 115V power supply to work optimally. However, with the integration of the inverter technology, it can be used anywhere as the inverter works just like a transformer to increase power output.

If you have any welding work at home to do and it is your first time to handle any welder machine, you should consider choosing Blue Demon BLUEARC-90STI. The design and mode of operation makes the operating system more comfortable for anyone to operate without hassles.

It works excellently to give smooth and clean weld area, and the outcome will get people to doubt if it’s your first time of welding. The performance rate and level of efficacy of welding all kind of metals under the stick process is second to none.

The welder is designed with light-weighted materials which make I easy to move from one place to another quickly. It is ideal for welding all kind of metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and ideal for rough and dirty surface welding. It gives smooth and clean welding on welded areas which makes you appear just like a professional.


Best welder for beginners


Your budget will determine what you will get. Most of the welders for beginners don’t come cheap while some are cheap and affordable. It is advisable that you get a quality welder for a start as first impression last long. You don’t have to break the bank to get a welder. You can get a used one if you can’t afford a new welder.

Type of welder

There are three different types of welder we have reviewed on this page. We have the ​best ​TIG welder, best MIG welder, and the best STICK welder. You have to choose the one that suits your welding needs. We ensured the types of product we selected are aimed at beginners with a secure operating system to make the whole experience worthwhile.

Check the power option

Whenever you are buying a welder for a beginner, you need to check the power options that come along with the welder. Check the Voltage and amperage, Check if it is AC or DC and check if it has inverter technology or transformer technology.

Safety measure

You need to check the protection measure that is in place before you buy any welder. Some welder come with duty cycle, overheating and overloading protective system to keep the welder in good condition.

Some come with a measure to reduce the production of spatter; and some come with extra protective gears such as a welding helmet, face-guard, and gloves. All you have to do is to check out for these features before purchase.


Ensure you check the guarantee of the welder you are about to buy. Warranty is subject to change, and you are advised to consult the manufacturer if you are not convinced on the product before you make any purchase.

Essential things you need to know about welders as a beginner

Read instruction

It is normal for you to fret and be nervous with handling a welder machine especially if it is your first time. All you need to do is to stay calm to eliminate all trace of fear. It is the reason most welder machine comes with an instructional manual to help you through the process of installing and operation.

Use personal protective gears

As a beginner, you need to have all safety measure in place before you ever try to weld any metals. Welding all kind of materials can produce spatter, heat and spouts of fire at different levels. Any direct contact of the spatter or heat with the skin will lead to injury.

It is the reason you as a beginner must have your welding shirt or welding jacket on whenever you want to weld. Also, you need to makes use of gloves and headgear especially the ones with eyes protector. Once you have all the PPE in place, you can go ahead and start welding.


Wither you are interested in welding for fun or work; you need a welder machine. Choosing the right welder has a lot to say about your performance with welding. A beginner must use a beginner welder while intermediate or professional welders must use the appropriate welder for their level.

On this page is all that you need to know about different types of welders for beginners. You are to choose the right one that suits your welding demands to have a better experience.

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