Best Tig Welder Reviews

You don’t have to look too far in your search for the best TIG welder. We’ve done all we could to demystify the task for you. But before going in details on all you need to know about TIG welder, here is a quick comparison table of different products you can consider.


TIG welding is another form of welding process that helps to fuse metals using tungsten electrode and base metal. It does that by creating an electric arc between the metal and the tungsten electrode. The process produces its gas to serve as protection to the welded area to prevent contamination.

Different types of TIG welder can be used to meet all kind of welding projects. Some are basically for TIG welding, and some come with a multi-purpose option which works for TIG, plasma cutting and sticks welding.

To save you the stress of surfing through different products available online, we have the list of the TIG welders you should consider.

Tig Welder Reviews

AHP AlphaTIG 200


Every level has its appropriate ideal tools, and when it comes to the section of professional welders, they are expected to make use of quality and advanced welder machine. If you are an advanced welder and you are in need of a welder machine, the AHP AlphaTIG is the first to consider for you.

The TIG welder is one of the best to consider for all kind of welding materials especially the thinner types. It is perfect for materials such as aluminum and steel. You have no worries about being able to handle the ¼ inch thickness and 3/8 inch thickness of aluminum and steel respectively.

The welder comes with alluring features that make it quite irresistible for most welders. It operates on the power supply of 200 AMP of 110V and 220V input power supply. Considering the integration of the HF, start TIG and foot pedal, you can always rely on it to do the dirty work for you.

The model of the TIG welder is an advanced type to the previous models, and it can also be used by beginners but mainly designed for the professionals. It is made with heavy duty materials; it has a 60 percent duty cycle to ensure you get the desired productivity whenever you are welding.

This welder weighs about 69 pounds, and that makes it a perfect welder for those who love to move from one place to another for all kind of welding work. Its design integrates digital display and automation to help you have the full understanding of how the welder is working.


The EVERLAST PowerARC 160 is the next on our list to consider for TIG welding. It incorporates the welding capacity of a stick and TIG welder which makes it versatile and resourceful. It meets every value for its price considering all that it has to offer and it’s amazing features.

If your welding work has to do with moving from one place to another, you then have to consider the EVERLAST PowerARC because it is made with lightweight material and the design incorporates a handle for you to move the welder from one place to another quickly.

The welder machine offers you a smooth welding performance with an option of 110 V and 220 V input. You don’t have to look too far for if indeed you cherish smooth weld. The welder can offer you all that you want. It runs on the dual voltage with the assistance of the 160 AMP amperage range.

The welder is one of the best to operate as it comes with a smooth and easy control system. Its operation allows you to switch from welding aluminum to steel without difficulty easily. The design of the welder integrates HF and lift start for you to choose the settings that meet with your welding requirement easily.

With the thirty-five percent duty cycle, you are guaranteed of a more extended period to use the welder before you can leave to rest due to overloading or overheating. It isn’t the type of welder with a transformer but an inverter type which makes the welder powerful and compact.

It weighs just about 37 pound which makes it lightweight and it comes with five years user warranty which is subject to change. You should always check the warranty before purchase, and you can return on manufacturer defect within the five years.

Forney 324

If you are searching for a multipurpose welder, the Forney 324 190-Amp is the best option for you to consider. You can go to any length to explore your welding skills with the welder as it can offer you all kind of welding opportunities such as on DC TIG welding, stick welding and MIG to mention a few.

Migrating from one welding process to another is easier to do with the welder. It is innovatively designed with the thought of users at heart to meet every of their welding needs. It is simple to set up and operate without hassles.

The welder weighs just about 43 pounds, and it runs on 120 V to 230 V power input with the maximum amperage output of 190 AMP. There is no surprise as regarding the performance of the welder as it has advanced features to meet with the value of the machine.

You will get the best performance with every welding process you want to carry out with the welder. It is second to none when it comes to welding efficiency on all kind of materials of different thickness level.

Considering it has synergic welding capacity, its ability to minimize sparks and heat production and as well improves welding productivity, it is the right choice for every welder either a beginner or a professional.

Operating the welder is more comfortable with the help of the digital display system. It allows you to understand how the welder is working and the status. Also, its design integrates cast aluminum drive system which makes it durable and compact to handle every rigor of your welding projects. Every part of the welder is irreplaceable if any gets damaged.

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG

The next on our list is Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG. We choose to add the product to our list not only because it is one of the Hobart products, but because of the amazing things it offers every welder. It works excellently and can turn a novice to a professional within seconds.

The welding performance of the welder machine is second to none. The welder has AC and DC operation which means with the integration of the single switch, and you have to move from welding aluminum to steel with the switch.

Operating the welder is straightforward without the help of anyone. It has the capacity to weld 22 gauge of thin material with about 3/16 inch in thickness level. It integrates HF and lifts start in its design, and it as well incorporates Tungsten protection on the welding area to prevent contamination.

It operates optimally with the provision of 230 V with infinite amperage control which means you can efficiently operate the welder at different amperage range without limitation or defect in its operation. In the construction of the welder, there is the integration of fan which helps to ensure it keeps dust and every other particle from the internal part of the welder.

With twenty percent duty cycle at 150 amps, you can use the welder for the more extended period before you allow cooling down to prevent overloading or overheating. Also, it doesn’t weigh more than 50 pounds which makes it easier to move. Lastly, it doesn’t consume power with the help of inverter technology.

Lotos CT520D

You need a powerful and resourceful welder for your welding needs if you have bulk welding project at hand or you weld often. One to consider among many other options is Lotos CT520D. It is a versatile welder that can be used for Stick, Plasma cutting and TIG welding.

The welder is well constructed and equipped to meet with every TIG welding demands. You can effortlessly weld or cut ½ inch metals. It doesn’t give any sign of glitches even if you use with metals above ½ inch metal thickness.

Its versatility makes it a perfect welding machine for materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and alloy steel. You as a user are in full control of the welder machine with the help of the high frequency start hand torch and control panel of high precision.

The welder operates on 15 AMP to 200 AMP of DC electric current depending on the type of welding you are doing. Its control system is easy to operate, and the power provided by the welder has all that it takes to give you the best welding productivity that you’ve been craving for.

Al that is needed to get started with the welder is included in the package. You don’t have many installations to do. Just make sure you get to know how the machine works and also understand how to switch from one welding process to another.

Blue Demon

If you are in search for the best welder with inverter technology, the Blue Demon is one of those you should look into. I have seen several versatile welder machines with the ability to offer both stick and TIG welding, but none can be compared to how Blue Demon operates.

It isn’t just one of the bestselling welder on some online stores for gainsaying but because of the features and what it has to offer. The welder isn’t on the same level as some products from the frontiers in the industry, but its operation beat some of the expensive welders in the market.

It is made of quality and high standard materials which gives it the structure to withstand all your welding pressure. It works excellently, and you don’t have to doubt that once you start using it. It is ideal for all kind of home welding works, repair, and maintenance. It is a perfect piece for a novice to improve their welding skills.

It is compact and lightweight for anyone to move from one place to another without stress. To make it easier for you to move from one place to another, the design integrates a shoulder strap which enhances the natural movement of the welder from one working site to another.

You can count on the welder to do the dirty welding job on all kind of materials such as the cast iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel. It is the best option for welding works that has to do with rough and dirty surface materials. Lastly, the welder runs on 115 V power supply to deliver optimal welding performance.

Miller Maxstar 150 STL TIG welder

The Miller Maxstar 150 STL TIG welder is a heavy duty welder machine that is ideal for both industrial and household welding. It isn’t the right welder for you if you have aluminum material to weld. It is specially designed for all kind of steel welding. It is versatile as well as it offers you two welding process such as the STICK and TIG welding.

The construction of the welder machine is of ceramic steel and steel, and that makes it compact and easy to move for anyone. Regarding the operation of the welder, you can always count on a good performance as it will help you to be more productive with all kind of welding.

The welder gives a smooth and clean welding outcome on all kind of materials. Its construction incorporates a quality fan that helps you to keep off any dirt and dust from the internal part of the welder to ensure it keeps working optimally for as long as you keep welding.

The welder runs on 115 V to 230 V, and you can as well choose to use DC depending on the nature of the welding work you are doing. It has thirty-five percent duty cycles which are a measure to help you keep the welder from overloading and overheating whenever you are operating with it.

You have to keep the duty cycle in mind for as long as you keep using the welder. It helps you to know when you should allow the machine to rest it or not.  The welder machine has a remote control system and digital display to help you easily control the machine and be aware of how it operates.

Lincoln Electric Square Wave

The Lincoln Electric Square Wave is a versatile welder machine with dual voltage and dual purpose. The welder machine is efficient with all kind of welding, and it is reliable resourceful when it comes to enhancing one's welding performance.

It can use AC power supply for light welding, and you can easily switch to DC power supply for heavy welding tasks. If all you care about is aluminum welding irrespective of the thickness of the metal, you should consider Lincoln Electric Square Wave.

It works effectively on welding all kind of Aluminum material with the power supply of 120 V or 240 V at the 200 amperages. This best tig welder machine can be used by both beginners and expert as it is easier to use with the easy to understand control system.

You can switch to different power voltage depending on the nature and type of welding you are into. It gives smooth and clean weld which is why welders prefer it for welding on rough and dirty surface materials.

It is ideal for both stick and TIG welding with good welding outcome. It comes with a switch that makes it easier for you to move from one welding process to another. It is lightweight as it comes with the weight of 47 pounds which makes I easier to move from one working site to another.

Operating the machine is not too difficult to do. It has a digital display system which conveys the state of the welder to you in a way you can easily understand. With it, you can get to know how the welder is working, when you need to allow it to rest and other things like switching of welding processes.

The EverlastPowerTIG  250 model is an advanced welder machine. It has quality features which complement the overall design of the welder. Its design or construction incorporates pre and post flow controls which helps to give optimum shielding gas protection to the welding areas.

It is designed with the interest of all kind of users at heart. for those who love to do light welding work, it is one o consider too as it offers low TIG start of about 5 AMPs which is the ideal amperage output requirement for light welding work.

The materials in which the welder is made from are of compact and lightweight nature, and that makes it durable and strong to handle a different kind of welding work. It can be used in all kind of weather condition with great welding outcome.

The welder is ideal for all kind of metals. It uses two power supply which means you can easily switch from AC to DC. It has a 40 percent duty cycle as a measure to keep the welder machine in good condition for an extended period. The duty cycle tells you exactly when you need to stop using the machine and allow it to rest.

It is environmental and, and it also comes with handles to make it easier for you to move the welder easily. It is lightweight, and it integrates IGBT inverter technology in its construction for you to get the best of the 65 pounds welder machine.

With the help of the arc force control system, it produces little fire spatter and heat. Also, with the help of the digital display, it is easier to read and understand how the welder machine works.

EverlastPowerTIG 255

The last on our list is another product from Everlast, and it is the advanced model to the product above. It is known as EverlastPowerTIG 255. It is one of the powerful welder machines with the capacity to turn welding work into fun and excitement for anyone.

The welder machine gives you all that you need to perform excellently without any regret. All the features and the construction of the welder compliment the purpose of the welder. This wel is designed to handle the toughest work of all kind of welding processes such as stick and TIG.

It is a heavy duty welder that integrates IGBT power modules to help the user get the best of welding performance whenever they are welding. It boasts a smooth and clean welding performance to give quality productivity. It operates on dual voltage and can run on either AC or DC.

You can easily switch from AC to DC without hassles as it comes with a simple to use switch system to do that. The welder can be used for thicker metals and thinner metals without difficulty. All that is required is for you to understand how it works and get the best of the welder machine.

What is TIG welding?

Tungsten Inert gas welding known as TIG is one of the welding processes that require time and practices to learn. It demands a lot of patience and human effort to get the desired welding result. Albeit, it has proven to be the best with clean and smooth welding outcome among the other welding processes.

TIG welding is the best welding process for welding work that has to do with metal, steel, copper, magnesium, gold, nickel alloy and aluminum. It is ideal for all industrial and commercial welding but can also be used for some household welding that has to with repair and maintenance.


  • The welder machine can be used to weld all kind of metals with the smooth and clean outcome
  • It gives top quality welding
  • The welder machine is suitable for thin and thick metal materials
  • It provides a clean and quiet welding experience
  • It reduces spatter and spout of fire


best tig welder reviews

There are many factors you should consider whenever you are choosing TIG welder.

Power option

Most of the TIG welders come with power option of 110v to 240V. You are advised to choose the lowest power option for light welding work. But you are advised to choose the high power option for heavy duty welding work.

Whichever TIG welder you choose to go for, ensure you consider the heat control. Some come with a built-in fan to help cool the system of the welder, and some do not. Check the duty cycle to have in-depth knowledge of when you should allow the welder to rest after several operations.

Power source

Most of them do come with one power option or two. It is either AC or DC. So you have to look into this option whenever you want to buy your welder machine.

Ease of use/portability

One of the factors you should consider is the portability and ease of use. You should consider if it is user-friendly, environmentally friendly and safe to use. Some come as heavy duty welder, and some are lightweight. Some come with handles to make it easier to move from one place to another quickly.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle is the exact time you should allow the welder machine to rest after several uses. The TIG welder machines don’t come with overloading or overheating resistant system which is why most come with a duty cycle to help you have the welder machine in control.


Before you decide to choose the best TIG welder, do ensure you consider what you intend to do with the welder machine. Check through the features that you need to work optimally to have great productivity before choosing any product. There are many products on the market, and you can end up choosing the wrong. Do not be in a rush. Carefully do your research and choose the best that will suit your welding experience or needs.

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