Best stick welder for the money

It can be challenging to choose the best stick welder for your welding project which is why we wish to share with you a comprehensive comparison table to guide you in making a quick choice if you don’t have the time to read the whole content.

If you prefer stick welding above the rest of welding processes, then it is essential that you have all the necessary tools including the best stick welder. There are many reasons you should consider a stick welder such as working in tight areas, having a large welding project and many more which is discussed in the later part of this article.

Stick welder is easy to use for anyone. That makes it perfect equipment for both beginners and professionals. It is ideal for all indoor and outdoor welding projects. However, all that you need to select the best product for your welding needs is to read the review on each of the products we have on our list.

Stick Welder Reviews



The Amico Power stick welder is recommended for home use and for those in search of a welder to use in tight areas. It isn’t the type that requires much installation as it comes almost entirely packaged, leaving you only to integrate the welding electrodes and start welding.

The welder can switch from AC to DC power easily to meets your welding requirement. The ability to do that is through the presence of the capacitor bank in the welder. This capacitor bank is also known as a transformer which helps to step down the voltage to produce the right current for the welder.

It is the best option for those in search of a lightweight, durable and compact welder with a LED display option for users to see and monitor the condition or state of the welder. The stick welder from Amico weighs just about 18 pounds which makes it an ideal machine for those who have to move around a lot.

The design of the welder incorporates a wide range of amperage control, and with a very low price, you can get this quality welder for all your welding projects. Also, it has a 60 percent quality duty cycle at 160 amps which means you can use for a more extended period before leaving the welder to cool down.

As regarding the power recommendation for the optimal use of the welder, it has dual voltage options. You can use the welder with the power supply of 115V to 230V.It comes with other accessories needed such as the electrode holder, work clamp, plug, and input power adapter.

LONGEVITY 721405557523

The next on our list is the LONGEVITY 721405557523. What makes the welder one of the best for stick welding is its ability to push and weld 6013 and 7018 stick rods without hassles. It is the best in its class to offer such, and that is why welding enthusiasts prefers it.

It is a powerful welder you can trust for all kind of welding works. this is built with solid materials, and the integration of alluring features makes it quite difficult to resist for anyone. The welder is ideal for all kind of household welding needs and also for industrial use.

Also, it is one of the types of welder you should consider for welding work in tight areas. It commands 140 amps which require 110v to 220v power to work optimally. With a weight of 13 pounds, it is very portable and lightweight for users to move from one place to another.

The welder comes with lift TIG operation which makes it easier for you connect a TIG torch to use it. As part of the measures to make the welder easier for anyone to use, it comes with power plugs and power adapter.

The major setback you are likely to observe with the welder is that it gets hot quickly and will need you to often leave to cool down. It is why you need to pay close attention to the duty cycle of the welder stated in the manufacturer guide that comes with the welder.

Campbell Hausfeld WS099001AV

Do you crave for smooth arc welding whenever you are working? Then you need to consider Arc Stick Welder. The welder integrates a handle that is handy to make it easier for you to move from one place to another. All that the welder stands for is to give your work a professional look.

If you are considering a welder that can work tirelessly with bulk welding projects, you should think of Arc Stick Welder. Every desire of an individual with a welding project is to get a perfect result without wasting much time, and you can always rely on the Arc Stick Welder to get such a result.

The welder runs on 115V power, and it is capable of welding 18 gauge of 1/8 inch material. The welder will work conveniently with 1/16 inch and 5/64 inch welding rods. It is ideal for welding mild or stainless steel materials.

Also, it commands dual heat settings which make the welder the best for all kind of welding on smooth, rough and rusty surface materials. The design of the welder integrates thermal overload protection, and that helps to prevent overheating.

Furthermore, it has twenty percent duty cycle which means you have to slow down your work and allow the welder to cool down if it gets too hot while welding. Also, it is portable, lightweight and compact. The welder isn’t a commercial type, and you have to be within 6ft to a power outlet to operate the welder.


The SUNGOLDPOWER is the best versatile stick welder that anyone interested in the welding profession should consider. It is easy to operate, and with the use of the LED display, you can get to see and understand the way at which the welder is working.

The LED display helps you to keep close attention to the welder, so you don’t outwork it beyond its limit. The welder doesn’t make noise while using it. It is small in size and weighs 14 pounds which makes it easier to move from one place to another.

The welder comes with all that is required to get it working optimally without any delay such as the AC plug, earth clamp and cable, electrode holder and its cable. It has IGBT control module that requires the power supply of 110 V to 220 V to operate very well.

The welder has all it takes to boost your welding productivity. It has quality protection mechanism to ensure your welder is in excellent condition as a well as the person operating it. It integrates under and over voltage protection, overloads protection, and current protection.

Also, you can count on the welder for all welding work that has to do with ferrous metals, and it has anti-sticking properties to ensure that overloading doesn’t occur which makes the removal of electrodes easier to do. Lastly, with the 60 percent duty cycle requirement and cooling fan, you can be assured the welder will last for a more extended period.


The next on the list is the EVERLAST PowerARC 160 STH. It is a versatile machine that has both TIG and STICK welding options, and it comes with all that is needed to get it working correctly such as the electrode holder, work clamp of 10 ft cable, 12 fteverlast 17 series TIG torch with all using 25 series DINSE style connector.

It is one of the best welders to offers both stick and TIG arc welding. The welder is compact and portable to carry from one place to another, it integrates inverter in its construction which makes it easier to use irrespective of the power supply.

With 160 amps, the welder requires the power supply of 110V to 220V to weld all kind of materials. The welder gives a smooth arc welding, and it helps users to weld at a faster rate. One of the reasons you should consider the 2017 EVERLAST PowerARC is that it doesn’t consume energy.

The welder is ideal for all kind of weather conditions. It is strong and well built to handle any rigor of welding works. It consumes low power and boasts of HF and lift start option. With five years warranty and 30 days money back agreement, you can always return on manufacturer defect.

Also, it has easy to control system and to ensure the welder last long, it comes with 35 percent duty cycle. You need to pay close attention to this to know when you should allow the welder to rest while using it.


The Forney Easy Weld is one of the welders you can trust for all kind of welding work that has to do with stick welding. It can as well work for TIG welding, but you have to get the accessory separately. Looking at the design of the welder, it has torch wrap which eases portability for anyone handling the machine.

This is the best inverter stick welder that has 90 AMPS power output and 120V input. The control setting of the welder is user-friendly as you can easily switch from STICK to TIG by pressing a button. It is designed with quality material and can handle ½ inch electrode with the capacity to weld 16 gauge up to about 5/6 inch material thickness.

If you are looking for a welder that can perform excellently in any weather condition with smooth welding outcome on rusty, dirty and rough surface materials, you should consider the Forney Easy Weld. Without a doubt, it is easier to operate with all the features it has to itself.

It is ideal for all kind of welding work related to outdoor welding and repairs. It comes with the needed stick electrodes which you can use to meet all your welding needs from any position. You have no limitation as regarding the areas you can use it.

It works well even in tight areas. And with the weight of juts 10 pounds, it is perfect for those who go about from one place to another to carry out their welding work.

Hitbox ARC 160A

The ARC Welder ARC160A is the next on the list, and it is a dynamic welder with smart design and digital control which makes it user-friendly for anyone to operate. The construction of the welder incorporates 3D style plastic panel, and it is compatible with stick and TIG welding.

The size of the welder is small and that makes it easier for anyone to carry.It boasts of low power consumption which is a means to help you conserve energy. The welder feature hot start and anti-sticking which makes welding easier and faster to do. With this feature, be assured your welder has lower chances of experiencing overloading.

The welder comes with essential accessories such as the electrode holder and earth clamp with each having 5.5ft cable. Also, the welder has 160 AMP and requires 220 V to 240 V to work optimally. Irrespective of the rod you are using such as 3.2, 4.0 and 5.0 mm, the welder needs a 60 percent duty cycle to work optimally.

The welder can weld beyond 5mm steel, but you have to ensure you have the power supply of 160 AMPS with 220 V AC. The welder is not limited in operation as it is ideal for industrial and household welding work. The stick size required for this welder are 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8 and 5/32 to get the best of the welder and a great experience with it.

HOBART 500570

The Hobart 500570 is another stick welder that you can consider for your welding works. It is reliable and compact in design to withstand all the rigor of welding works. The lightweight materials used in its construction makes it a lightweight machine and that makes it easy to move from one place to another for anyone.

It comes with 3m electrode work cable, 10 ft. Work cable with clamp, power cord of 6.5 ft. with adapters that run on a current input of 120V and 240V. The welder integrates hot start system which is a measure to help you conserve energy.

The welder commands 160 A power output and can weld up to about 5/32 inch mild steel. It is reliable to give you the best welding experience as it doesn’t stick and produces fewer spatters. It is a perfect welder for all kind of DIY projects.

The major setback with the welder is that it can get hot quickly and you need it to cool down to have it working very well. It is why you should always keep in mind the duty cycle of the welder before using it.


The second to the last on the list is another product from Amico. It is a versatile inverter welder that has both Stick and TIG welding capabilities. It is a compact and powerful welder that can handle the rigor of welding all kind of materials.

This welder can weld up to ½ inch stainless steel, mild steel, copper, alloy steel, and cast iron. If you are looking for a welder that can weld aluminum, it isn’t the right choice for you. It has all that it is required to ensure you have the smoothest operation with TIG and Stick welding.

The welder is well designed to consume low power, it produces minimal spatter, and it is not too difficult to maintain compared to its counterparts. It comes with all that you need to get the welder working very well such as the TIG torch and cable of 13 ft, work clamp with 10 ft cable of 300 A, and electrode holder with the 10ft cable of 300A.


If you are in need of a reliable welder for large welding project, you can consider GOPLUS ARC WELDER. It is built with high-quality material which makes it very strong and rugged to handle any pressure from welding work. The design is alluring as it comes with a simple operating system and two wheels for smooth movement from one place to another.

The welder can be trusted for high welding efficiency on all kind of materials. If you crave for a perfect welding experience with higher chances of increase in productivity, it is one of the welders you should consider.

One of the safety measures in place with the welder is that it comes with thermal overload protection to keep the user safe while using the welder. It is a perfect welder for both industrial and home use. Also,to make your experience with the welder worthwhile, it comes with a ground clamp, electrode holder, chipping hammer and brush, and a protective mask.

Furthermore, it has two level transformers to help in stepping down the current, and it has 110V and 220V with 250 AMP.  It is one of the best in its class of Stick welder, and it has a 10 percent duty cycle for you to know when exactly you should allow the welder to rest while working.


It shouldn’t be new to you that stick welding is part of the family of welding processes. Stick welding is also known as shielded metal arc welding. It is the process of using an electrode and electric welder to join different metals together.

The process of stick welding occurs when the welder is used to form an electric arc between a metal and an electrode to join them together. While doing this, the electrode will melt as a result of the heat from the electric supply.

As the electrodes melt, it will give a vapor which is known as shielding gas and a layer of slag which serves as a medium of protection to the weld area to reduce chances of atmospheric contamination. The welding is very easy compared to the rest of the welding processes.

It is a versatile form of welding and can be used in all kind of industries such as construction, mining, steel fabrication, shipbuilding, manufacturing, marine, and structural welding to mention a few.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of stick welding?

Stick welding has its advantages and disadvantages which is why we will share them with you shortly.

Advantages of stick welding

  • Stick welding is the best to consider during wet and windy weather condition. The electrode of the welder melts and creates a vapor that covers the weld area, and that helps to prevent any contamination. Therefore you don’t have any imitation to when you can use the welder.
  • One of the advantages of stick welding is that it doesn’t require an additional shielding gas. The shielding gas produced from the electrode itself is enough to do what is necessary to have a perfect welding performance
  • Stick welding can be used on all kind of surface material. It can conveniently work on rusty, rough, and dirty surface materials welding them together without any problem.
  • Stick welder gives room for you to change the rod for different metals easily. That is why it is ideal for those who have large welding project.
  • Stick welding is ideal for indoor and outdoor welding, and it is straightforward to learn and become mastery of it


  • Stick welder takes time to weld metals. It is very slow compared to other welding processes.
  • Stick welding chip away slag that are formed during welding, and it is time wasting.
  • It isn’t the best option to weld thinner materials
  • Stick welding requires constant replacement of the welding rods


How to choose the best stick welder

best sitck welder for the money

Stick welder has a lot to offer when it comes to welding all kind of metals. With that in mind and all that you’ve read about stick welder on this page, there are things you should put into consideration if you ever want to get one for your welding projects.

Power supply

Among the things you should consider is the power requirement of the welder. You need to think of what you intend using the welder for and the required power to get it done without glitches. You also have to keep in mind the types of electrode you will be using with the welder.

As regarding the output of the welder, it is advisable that you look for a welder in between 80 AMP to 250 AMP. If you are welding for home DIY project, you can choose from the range of 80 AMP to 100 AMP, but for industrial use, you should consider going beyond 100 AMP.

With the input of the power supply, the average requirement to get stick welder working optimally is from the range of 110V to 240V. You should choose the lower range for less welding work. But for heavy duty work, you should consider a welder with higher input.

Duty cycle

The amount of time taken to weld before you need to allow the welder to rest and cool off is known as the duty cycle. For instance, if your welder has a 65 percent duty cycle, it means you need to leave it for three to five minutes after using for more than ten minutes.

Getting a welder with longer duty cycle means you can use for a more extended period without overloading the welder.

Transformer or inverter

If you carefully read each review of the products we have on our list in this article, you will realize that there are two types of stick welding such as inverters and transformers. The common stick welder you will find in the market is the inverters. The reason is that they are portable, easy to move from one place to another and give smooth and stable arc welding.

While transformer stick welding is the heavy duty type, it consumes a lot of energy to operate optimally. Also, most do come with a solid design, and that makes them quite heavier than inverter stick welders.

Operation / portability

You should also consider the mode of operation of the welder. Some come with on and off switch to make it easier to control and some come with LED display to give you great insight on how the welder is working. You should go for anyone that is easier to operate without the help of anyone.

Fortunately, most stick welders are not heavy but lightweight especially the inverter type. Consider the nature of your work if it will require you to move from one place to another. If it turns out you have to carry the welder often to where you need to work, it is advisable that you opt for a lightweight welder.

Safety measure

There are some measures you should look out for when purchasing best stick welder for the money. Your safety is one of those measures. Some stick welders come with anti-shock properties, anti-sticking, thermal overload protection, duty cycle indicator and many more. All these are things you need to look out for when buying a stick welder.


You don’t have to break the bank to get a stick welder for your welding work. Stick welder are the cheapest among the welding processes except for those that come with multi-function capacity. With hundreds of dollars, you can acquire your stick welder and take your welding skill to a greater height.


Stick welder is the easiest to operate among every other welding process. It is an excellent investment for welders of different welding experience and levels. The reason is that it is straightforward to learn and operate. We have on this page the list of the best welder with stick process you should consider. Our focus on each product is on the features and the benefits to help you in make the right decision and meet every of your welding needs.

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