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Are you confused on getting the best flux core welder for your welding needs? You’ve searched almost everywhere but avail to nothing. We have the comparison table of different flux core welder you should consider.

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Flux core welder is known as semi-automatic welding process. The process involves a continuous use of an electrode and quality power supply to join materials together. It is the type of welder that doesn’t require an external shielding gas.

It is the type of welding that works well on all kind of metals and can be used in any positions. The gas has all that it takes to protect the welding areas from contamination with the gas produced during welding which is the reason for no added gas.

With the production of the gas produced during welding to protect weld areas, it is ideal for all kind of outdoor welding. It requires less maintenance, the chance of porosity is deficient, and it can be used on materials such as mild alloys, thin and thick stainless steel, aluminum and iron.

Flux core welder reviews


Forney Easy Weld

The first on our list for the flux cored wire to consider for all your welding work is known as Forney Easy Weld 299. Although it is ideal for both MIG and Flux cored wire, it is perfect for flux cored wire welding because it doesn’t use gas in its operation.

It is one of the best to consider if indeed you want a perfect welding experience that has to do with the need of a flux cored wire welder. The welding machine is an excellent investment for all novices who want to appear like a professional when welding.

The setup and use of the welder are more comfortable to do without any difficulty. It can weld 24 gauges up to about 1/4inch using 120V input and 125 amp power supplies. The craftsmanship allows it to accept 2 and 10-pound spools.

With the use of the welder, welding is made easy as it comes with all the settings to help you have a great performance. That which is interesting about the welder is that it gives clean and smooth welding on all kind of metals you are welding.

The design of the welder comes comfortable and straightforward for anyone to use. It is lightweight and effortless to move from one place to another. If your work requires consistent welding, you might need to consider this welder because it is rugged and compact. All that is necessary to get the welder working very well is included in the package.

Goplus MIG 130

The Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Wire weighs just 35 lbs, and it falls in the categories of the best lightweight flux core wire. It is ideal for both household and industrial use with the construction of the welder made from stainless steel.

It is a perfect welder for steel welding and with four adjustable heating options; you can choose the type of heating method that suits the type of welding you are doing. It features two air vents to help you lower the temperature of the welder.

The welder has good safety measure in place with the use of the machine such as on and off safety control and automatic thermal protection to ensure the user is safe whenever they weld. With the added mask, you can have your face protected from heat and fire sparks.

The flux core wire welder can also be used for MIG welding. Although it requires no gas with flux core welding, it involves gas for MIG welding. It is built with quality materials to ensure it last long. For flux core welding, it uses quality flux core wired, and it doesn’t give oxidation to the welded part with the help of the self-release metal inert gas.

If you are in need of a welder for mild steel and iron, it is best to consider. It is ideal for home improvement, and it will give your welding project a smooth weld. With the help of the carry handle, you can move the welder from one place to another without stress.

Super Deal Black Commercial MIG

The next on our list is the Super Deal Black Commercial MIG. If you are in search of a portable welder that can give you rest of mind with all kind of welding works, you can choose the Super deal black welder.

It comes in small size and can be used in any position even in tight areas. It is one of the best for a household welding project. Considering the design and the features, it is ideal for novice to start their welding quest with the welder.

The welder comes with amazing features such as wide range of wire feed seed, four levels of current flow settings, welding spool wire, extra two tips, 2.5M torch, ground cord, wire brush, and chipping hammer. The design incorporates a temperature control system which gives the platform for any user to weld on steels of different thickness level.

Also, the welder produces self-release metal inert gas which means you don’t need extra gas while welding. It has a digital flexible system control panel that helps any user to have a more unobstructed view and maximum control of the welder at all time.

At the end of the gun, there you will find a metal tip. It is a copper tip, and it serves to prevent slags buildup whenever welding is in progress. Also, the craftsmanship of the welder integrates a cooling fan and thermal overload protection to ensure the welder remains in good condition for the more extended period.

It boasts of 110V at 120 AMP on weld wires of 0.023 inch to 0.035-inch steel and 0.030 inches to 0.035 inches of carbon steel. It weighs just 38 lbs, and that makes it lightweight to be carried from one site to another. For safety purposes, it comes with a helmet to ensure your face is secured from any spatter of fire spark.

Lotos MIG140

The Lotos MIG140 comes as an upgrade to the previous version. This particular version comes with the 2T/4T switch. The design integrates two digital displayers which help any user to adjust the wire feeder speed conveniently and welding voltage. As part of the current innovation to the welder, it comes with ground cable connectors which help any user to move from one mode to another quickly.

The welder is portable; it comes with variable speed and variable speed dial. Also, this 140 AMP MIG welder can handle all kind of industrial welding. Also, it can be used for all home DIY welding projects. It is a perfect investment for those who love DIY welding projects.

The design integrates spool gun which makes it ideal for al kind of aluminum welding. It requires 110V to work optimally. It comes fully assembled with no need for extra setup. With 140 AMP welding output, it is ideal for mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel with any other metal materials.

It has different welding capacity such as 18 gauge of about 3/16 inch thickness of stainless steel, 18 gauge and 3/16 inch thickness of mild steel and 1/8 inch thickness of aluminum.

Furthermore, the welder is easy to set up and use for anyone. It works effectively and smoothly on all kind of metals. It gives a smooth welding outcome on rough, rusty and dirty surface metals. It is ideal for all type of weather condition. With all that it is made of, you can always count on it to get your work done at a faster rate.


The ARKSEN MIG-130 Meets all regulation for flux cored wire no gas welders. It comes with automatic feeding and offers you all that you need to have a quality experience with the welder. It has a compact design with MIG gas welder which makes it a versatile machine.

It has a heavy duty stainless steel body that can handle the rigor and pressure of all kind of welding project you have at hand. For flux core wire welding, it requires no gas and with the help of the self-release metal inert gas while welding, it eliminates any chance of contamination.

With the help of the gas, there is nothing like oxidation to the welded areas. The machine is very portable and can be used for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for welding all kind of material such as iron, thin steel, and mild steel.

If you want a welder that can give you a perfect welding experience with a professional look to your work, it is the best to consider in the market. With the availability of the air-vent, you have no issue with heat dissipation. It helps you to get rid of heat and cool down the welder whenever it’s been used for a longer time.

You don’t have to look elsewhere for a welder that is ideal for home improvement and Auto repair. It is the best in its class. It is compact, heavy duty and durable. It is made with quality material to make it last longer. With the four adjustable heat setting and thermal overload protection, you can always rely on it for your welding productivity.

How to choose the best flux core welder

best flux core welder

Choosing a flux cored wire welder isn’t a difficult task. The only challenge you are likely to face is choosing a quality one. You are likely to end up buying a welder that won’t meet your welding needs especially if you are a novice. It is why you need to read this guideline carefully.

We have for you some important factors that you have to consider if indeed you want a flux core wire welder for your welding needs.


Before you decide to think of any other thing, you need to look into your wallet and see the amount you are willing to sacrifice to get your welder. The type of welder you get is determined by the amount of money you are ready to offer.

Mind you; you will be making a mistake if you get a wrong welder that can meet your welding needs all because it is cheap and affordable. What is the benefit of buying a welder that won’t serve you well? Irrespective of the price tag on the welder you need, you have to buy it.

The road to success with your welding quest has to start with having the right welder to help you perform optimally irrespective of your welding experience and level.

Quality of material and design

One of the things you need to look out for is the design and the materials used in the construction of the flux wire welders. Overlooking this aspect of your welder might get you to regret your decision to buy the welder. You need to be sure the welder is well designed, and the materials used in its construction can handle your welding need.

Don’t ever consider going for a used welder as it can have a lot of internal faults which you are not aware of. It is advisable that you opt for a new welder that is made with reliable materials to enhance your welding performance.


One other factor that you need to consider is the performance of the welder. Recognizing many things such as the power option, gas or no gas, cords or cable should help you make the right decision without hassles.

You need the welder to work optimally to get the best welding experience, and that is why you need to look into the performance and all the features of the welder before spending your money on any one of them in the market.


Flux core wire welder is a reliable welder for all kind of home welding adventure. Either as a novice or a professional, you need the best welder to perform very well. In that case, for those in search for a welder with flux core wire and MIG capability, you can always read the reviews of the products we have above.

We realize how important getting a quality welder is to one’s productivity and that is why we choose to through the pain to make the research, reviews, and surveys on a different platform to come up with a resourceful article like this. We advise you read through and make the right decision without any regret.

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