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Are you incapacitated to carry out your welding project all because you don’t have the money to get expensive welder? Why not consider the cheap welder that can provide beyond what some expensive welder can offer you. Here is a comparison table of the best cheap welder you can consider.

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Welding project will be quite difficult if you don’t have all the essential tools. Of course, to get a quality welder, you must be ready to spend big because quality products don’t come cheap. This has been the major setback for individuals running on a low budget. Why not consider the cheap welder?

Most people overlook cheap welder in the market with the mindset they are of lower quality with less or little capability to handle all kind of welding work. The truths remain that there are cheap welders out there in the market that can perform optimally just like the expensive ones.

We have reviewed many welders, and from our research, we’ve got to discover that some cheap welders have all it takes to outperform some expensive and so-called quality welders you are likely to find in the market.

Without further ado, we realize some people can’t afford to get expensive welders and are desperately in need of a welder for their welding needs. Here is the list of some of the cheap welder you should consider for your welding projects.

​Cheap Welder Reviews

Forney Easy Weld 298

Forney Easy Weld 298

If you ever consider getting a welder to meet your welding needs, you ought to consider Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST. The welder is capable of handling all kind of welding work that has to do with a stick and TIG welding.

The welder doesn’t restrict handlers as beginners, intermediate and professional welders can use it. You can always count on it for all your welding work that has to be done on rusty, dirty and rough surface materials.

Considering the design and mode of operation of the welder, it is ideal for rusty materials, outdoor repairs, household and industrial equipment maintenance and repair. It is reliable for all your welding projects either in small or large quantity.

It is strong enough to handle the rigor of the profession and with the availability of filler metals known as stick electrodes; you can get your welder working in all position. The welder comes with stick electrodes and for you to use it with TIG; you need to get the torch separately.

The welder can handle about 1/8 inch electrode and can weld up to 16 gauge of 5/16 inch. The design of the welder has torch wrap which makes it easier for anyone to move the welder from one place to another.

It runs on the power supply of 120 volts as input and 90 amperes as output. The portable welder weighs just 10lbs, and with the switch button, it is easier for you to move from TIG to STICK settings.  Also, it is one of the best in its class for perfect Stick arc welding.

Furthermore, it has an inverter power system with a 6-month warranty to users. It comes with return policy against manufacturer defect and not as a result of misuse within the six months given.

C.M.T Pitbull Ultra-Portable

The name ultra-portable gives a definite impression on what you should expect from the welder. One important thing about the C.M.T Pitbull Ultra-Portable is that it can do all kind of welding work if it receives the required power.

The welder is such a good investment for all kind of welding work. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Considering the design and few features it comes with, you can always choose it as the best option if you are starting with welding work.

Concerning the design of the welder, it comes with 100 percent metal as its body construction material with the red-coated finish. The material in use is resistant to shock which means you are safe with the welder for all kind of operation.

The control system of the welder makes it a perfect welder for those who are just learning how to weld. Beginners will find its operation more comfortable, but it requires constant practice to become mastery of the welder.

The welder will run conveniently whenever it gets the required power of 100 Amp 110 V. It is an AC Arc Welder which means you need to use it wherever you have a power outlet. It doesn’t run on batteries, and you won't be able to work with it on the off chance you don’t have power supply. You can rely on it for your welding work, but it doesn’t come with a guarantee for users. 

Amico Power

With the availability of Amico power welder, you’ve got a versatile machine that will help you achieve much in little time. The style is a Stick welder, and it requires no installation as it comes fully equipped with all left for you to do is to insert the welding electrodes and start using.

The manufacturer incorporates LED meter, and it serves to give you maximum control over the machine. With that, you can set the machine to suit your welding need. The 18 pounds welder comes with added accessories to make the operation easier.

It has an electrode holder with about 10 ft cable, work clamp with 10ft cable and input power adapter cable and plug. The welder can be used on light metals; it is perfect for welding all home and industrial materials and ideal for maintenance and repair.

The Amico power is the destination for individuals in search of a versatile and durable welder. The design incorporates an inverter which helps to switch the AC power of the welder to DC using the step-down transformer inside of it to generate and give proper current and voltage.

Also, it is a portable, lightweight, and compact welder that can be used anywhere. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor welding. You have to consider the welder for how easy it is to use. It requires 110V power supply to work optimally with sixty percent duty cycle.

The duty cycle means the duration it can operate before you have to switch it off to cool down. It has a versatile power option such as commanding 115V / 230V / 60Hz Input current all rated at the output of 20 Amp 160 Amp.

Super Deal Black Commercial

If you think it is called a super deal for fun, then you need to read all that the welder has to offer. It is the best in its class that comes with all that you need to have a smooth operation with a fantastic experience. The material used in the construction of the welder is PVC, and it requires a higher level of maintenance.

The welder makes use of form control technology system with the adjustable inductor. The work of the inductor is to help you set the welder to meet all kind of welding requirement. It is responsible for reducing spatter, ensuring soft electric arc and as well leave you to wonderful welding experience.

The welder is very stable compared to others for some specific welding work. Its build-up makes it a perfect welder for all home DIY projects. It comes with everything that is needed to give you an excellent performance such as the welding spool wire, 2.5M torch, welding face mask, extra two tips, wire brush, chipping hammer and ground cord. All have their role to play to ensure the welder works well

The 38 pounds welder can fit into anywhere due to its portability. It makes use of flux cored wire, and it integrates self-release metal inert gas in its design to ensure that oxidation doesn’t occur to the welded areas while welding.

The welder has a simple interface and good operation mechanism using variable feed speed control. With the use of the speed control, you can easily adjust the flow using the 4 buttons for MIN/MAX 1/2. Also, the control panel of the welder is appealing as it gives the user a clear overview of the status of the welder at all times.

For safety purposes, the welder have temperature control which allows anyone to weld on any material using a different range of wire feed speed. This flux core welder has a copper tip at the end of the gun to help prevent slag buildup during welding.

Furthermore, the welder has a duty cycle of 10 percent at about 105 amperes and 35 percent at 60 amperes. It requires the power supply of 110V/60 Hz to work optimally with the welding current of 50 to 120 ampere. With the help of the mask, integrated cooling fan and heat overload protection mechanism; it is a great deal for all welders.

Goplus MIG

The Goplus MIG 130 is made of quality steel material. It is perfect for all kind of welding works. With the help of the four adjustable heating systems, you can easily control the welder and ensure it maintains a proper operating condition for a more extended time.

It integrates two air vents to control the temperature of the welder, and you are always in full control of it using the control system. It has a torch with on and off control to give you maximum control of the welder. The safety measure put in place works automatically to ensure users are safe with the use of the welder.

Another measure to ensure you are safe is that it comes with a welding mask to prevent spatter, sparks and direct heat to your face. It is a compact, lightweight and durable welder compatible with MIG gas welding.

It is also compatible with Flux cored wire, and it makes use of the self-release metal inert gas to prevent oxidation while welding. If you want a perfect welding experience and a touch of professionalism to your work, the Goplus MIG is the best for you.

The design incorporates carrying handle which makes it easier to take the welder from one place to another without hassles. Fortunately, it comes with all that you need to get the welder working well. It gives smooth and perfect welding touch and can work effectively on rough and rusty surfaces.

How to choose the best cheap welder

best cheap welder

Getting the best product start with understanding things you need to look out for. There are important factors that you need to consider whenever you want to get a new welder. There are numerous welders out there, and you might get confused on making the right choice.

However, some measures will guide you on making the right decision which we will share shortly without wasting much of your time.

Welding process

Welding process of a welder is the operation techniques. The cheapest welder comes with three types of processes such as the Stick Arc welding, MIG arc welding, and Flux Cored Arc welding.

The stick arc welding requires moderate skill level to operate it. It is ideal for outdoor use and highly compatible with steel, cast iron and stainless steel of about 18 gauge thickness level. It is perfect for welding rusty and dirty materials.

With MIG, it requires a low skill level which makes it a perfect welder type for beginners. The process of its operation integrates a wire feed to join materials together. It is smooth to use and give a clean weld in little time. It is ideal for welding materials such as cast iron, aluminum alloys, and the steel of 26 gauge thickness levels.

Lastly with Flux cored Arc welding, it can be used with aluminum, stainless steel, and steel materials of 26 gauge thickness level and can also be used to weld rusty and rough surface materials without hassles. It requires a low skill level which is why it is the best welder for beginners.

Application and maintenance

If you ever want to get a welder, you need to consider its mode of operation. You have to consider all that is required to get it working optimally. Does it comes with all that is needed; do you have to buy extra accessories? All this are things you need to check.

Also, you should consider what it takes to maintain the welder. You don’t want to keep buying welder every month because of mismanagement. It is why you need to find out how to manage and maintain the welder to extend its lifespan.

Power input

The average power input required to get welder working very well is 110v to 220v. Irrespective of the welder you get, be sure it receives the required current needed to work very well.


If you are getting a heavy duty welder, you should be ready to go through stress to move it from one place to another. Considering the fact you have to work from one site to another, it is essential that you go for a portable welder

Duty cycle

Part of the maintenance measure in place to ensure the welder last long is the duty cycle. It helps you to know the duration at which the welder can run before you need to turn it off for the welder to cool down. Your welder might likely underperform it you outwork it, and it can get damaged easily.

To get it working very well with good performance rate, you need to give close attention to the duty cycle.


Welding career can’t thrive without any quality welder. It is an essential tool that welders can’t do without.  It is imperative that you choose the right welder for the kind of project you have at hand. Choose the type of welder that is compatible with your level

For a beginner, it will be a good move for you to start your practice with MIG welder. However, whichever welder you decide to choose, you should consider going for the cheap ones. We have the list of the best to consider if you are interested. With the cheap welders in the market, you have no excuse for delaying your welding career.

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